TWMP Hammerfell - Unique Landscapes Patch by Lord Palpatine
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Added: 23/06/2013 - 09:56AM
Updated: 25/06/2013 - 03:16PM

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Last updated at 15:16, 25 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 9:56, 23 Jun 2013

A patch for TWMP Hammerfell and 3 Unique Landscapes Mods (UL Brena River Ravine, UL Beaches of Cyrodiil The Lost Coast, and what I personally fear myself, UL The Heath) that fixes 3 small, mostly unnoticable by most, landtears! Also for a small bonus, I moved the roadblocking boulder and extended the road to connect to Lord Drad's Estate! But do notice that the road is still mostly grass covered due to the Imperial Road Builders not having maintained it in years, hence the thick grass cover, especially when the player has grass view set to maximum! It's highly recommended to set grass cover to as minimal as possible to see the road better, or better yet, type in togglegrass in the console to erase the grass when following this new road!

Local lore concerning the Cyrodiil-Hammerfell Road, the road from Lord Drad's Estate to Hammerfell Border:
The road hasn't been maintained, perhaps due to Lord Drad not allowing most travelers thru! And then again, the Oblivion Crises could be at fault, too, due to fears of Daidra Attacks along that route, so the route has been completely abandoned for quite some time, thus allowing the grass to mostly grow over the roadway!

Unique Landscpaes Compilation OMOD or BAIN version 172! http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/19370/?
TWMP Hammerfell and it's respected requirements! (See that mod's requirements in it's instructions/info page for detai!) lhttp://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/43120/?
Latest version of Oblivion GOTY (as well as Shivering Isles!)
Make sure Oblivion is patched to the latest version, too!

Special Thanks goes to the following people:
Haldar1248 for his TWMP Hammerfell Mod!
All those who Haldar1248 himself thanked for the resources for his TWMP Hammerfell mod!
The UL Team!
Bethesda Games for Oblivion GOTY edition!
The entire Elder Scrolls community!
and the TES Construction Set!

PS: I've given permission for anyone who knows how to remove grass from an area, especially from a road/trail, to re-edit this file with a version that has no grass covering the road at all along the road I made and have featured in this mod and redistribute it on this site! Just let me know if you did and either PM me with the link to the redistributed mod or let me know in comments with a proveded link to the redistributed grassless road version! I just don't know how to remove grass from an area without accidentally causing unwanted edits!

Note: If there's any bugs or glitches relating to or caused by this mod/file, please let me know in comments section!

Version history:
Version 1 - Initial release!
Version 1.2 - Cleaned with TES4Edit (Hopefully I got rid of most of, if not, all the bad edits, including edits someone pointed out to me was NPC dialog edits!)

If anything is wrong with version 1.2, please let me know what's wrong!

Version 1.3 - Further cleaning to remove quest edit that somehow got into the file, plus removal of cell blocks (cell coordinances) that my mod never even touched at all! (Don't even know how one of the cells showing up in TES4Edit showed a cell all the way up north past the Jerralls! : / )