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Ubanga - English Introductions Patch
for core version: 0.98.2
my version: 0.90.1
by wizardmirth

Noteworthy Updates:
-added 3 non-respawning vanilla crates outside the south gate of Marnata (near the free horses) for players to store their gear between selling/stocking
-updated lots of new texts/dialouge within Maranta including all (I hope!) quests
-I'm sorry but journal entries have not been updated yet, so please pay close attention to whatever you are getting into via dialogue!

Hopeful Future Updates:
-rentable or buyable home in or outside Maranta for the player to safely store gear
-all steeds outside of Maranta south gate for sale
-all Maranta quest journey entries to be translated (however if you are kind and request it then I will do so upfront)

Random Bit: Did you know that according to google tranlsate: Maranta translates into Arrowroot from Polish?

This is an english-only patch for most of, if not all, initial/starting content for the stunningly and geographically realistic new worldspace Ubanga mod.

Ubanga is a vast, stunning, and realistically diverse new worldspace inspired by parts of Africa and southern Europe. There is a society of people spread across it with towns and villages, citizens, merchants, and guards, with bandits and other hostile species and some caves and ruins lying in between. Roads, rivers, lakes, sweeping mountains and valleys and more are all there for the eye to appreciate. Roughly there are only about 20 quests currently, give or take. You will need the original mod installed in order to use this and can check out many wonderful screenshots there...


****And PLEASE remember to vote for and endorse the original mod!****

The RP Angle Here for English Players

Ubanga is a foreign land with their own language but some may still speak some Imperial (english). While this may not fit in with the game lore, that is totally besides the point. This should be considered by english-speaking players to be a new and foreign land to explore in the general fantasy sense and not necessarily one within anything laid down by the original gamemakers. I know there are many great expansions that try and simulate new land content (often outside normally closed borders of the game) as defined by lore but this (Ubanga) is to be considered a totally new and superior worldspace that is very realistic in terms of landscape architecture. If you ever wanted to play a character that could totally go off and get lost in a totally foreign land (and again I will repeat it quite easily: realstic in geographical design) then this is as far as I know, the only way to go.

So the character knows some of the foriegn language already, for whatever reason you decide, but their reading of it will probably be worse. (Just like me and polish! OOC, I am your proxy!) Some Ubanga people, like I'm thinking most of those in Maranta may know the Imperial Languague and speak it to you (due to greater connection via trade with the IC), but some may slip back into their native language at times. If you see a word in polish then definitely yes, they are slipping back.

Texts that I have fully given a go at translating may be even less as easy to understand, but you should definitely get like at least 90% of the meaning in the worst cases. If you happen to come across a text that I have not translated because I just didn't get that far then you should consider it something you do not even care to even remotely look at. Or because you have sampled some of the local mushrooms and are far too distracted to do anything other than look at the colors in your view.


Due to the scope of the original mod and my own time-constraints, my patch only deals with the beginning of the mod and initial quests in the first city. It is my hope that all english-speaking players requiring more content geared towards their language will give this more than outstanding new land a try. I may add to this at times, if people care. Honestly, I have my own new mod to work on but the beauty of the original author's design really took me by suprise, so that basically means if you care then so do I.


The original mod already has some english translation, however, it accompanies the Polish and is sometimes not very good. My mod only focuses on the beginning content mostly and translates everything you need to get started including the initial quests and texts. I have also made some minor changes for the sake of realism and continuity which I have listed below.

Due to time constraints, deeper content will probably never be touched by me, though it is my wish for english-speaking players to be able to get a good foot in the door, so to speak, in this world. Just think that the farther out you go the less translation there will be because these people do not speak the imperial language. In Maranta they can speak imperial because it is the key port leading to Cyrodiil and I expect(?) that there is trade and commerce between the two lands. Keep all this in mind for the sake of role-play of course. I also translated some cross-sectional dialogues as well so you may see some of the tranlsations in other places as well.

Regarding translation I am trying to keep the original sentiment as much as possible. Some things in english will undoubtedly sound much nicer in polish. Of course for english players these are a foreign people with their own language. Since they are speaking a second language they will at times not speak it with perfect clarity of sentiment. This for me makes perfect role-playing sense and is not a drawback but a perk!

Texts and Dialogue

It may seem like broken english at times. Just pretend the character has a basic knowledge of the language and this is how he or she interprets it. Not everything will be perfectly clear in this regard. I have tried to keep the interpretation as close to the original polish as possible. Some words I had to translate myself (I speak some polish but it's not great) and some words might be wrong. Feel free to tell me if you know for sure something is wrong, but again this could just be chalked up to the character's limited knowledge of the language. Some words I could not translate and have left as is which could possibly be due to an original spelling mistake. If you see a polish word then consider it one the character has failed to translate. If it is in dialogue, then it is up to you to decide if it is the speaker falling back on their native languaue or you failing to tranlsate. Yes, a very nit-picky sort of thing, but one that is up to YOU to decide where the fault is if you care to even consider such a thing.

Some titles like Komandante (Commandant) I left alone because I think it sounds much cooler in a different language/spelling. You are finally in a foreign land--English (uh, in the fantasy sense)--embrace it!


Although I did not use any OBSE commands or even added any vanilla scripting other than to clean up a couple of existing scripts, my Construction Set is launched with OBSE 20. So you will need to have this version or higher installed in order for my patched version of the file to work. If you are new OBSE it is easy to install and highly unobtrusive. Just search for the page and follow the all-too easy instructions.


If you have "Elys Universal Silent Voice" installed then you do not need to install the original mod's silent voice sound files. Inside the "Data/sound" folder just delete the "voice" folder but NOT the "fx" folder. The way I like to install this mod is with OBMM. Simply extract all files to a temporary location and remove all unecessary files, then use OBMM 'folder' install option. Thge lazy.esp file is not needed nor touched by me, unless you just want to visit with no quests and such, in which case you don't need my patch.

As far as using my english patch, all you need to do is to use it in place of the author's original DOORS.esp. If installing with OBMM just replace the original mod's DOORS.esp with mine in your temporary folder before running it through OBMM.

Right now the original core files are all lumped together into one massive file. If you have problems downloading it due your connection or whatever then please ask the author kindly in his comments page to split up the files. I am not sure if he is currently planning to do this at some point, but just in case not a few more friendly requests may help to prompt this important update. At the very least I am hoping he will make a sperate download for the silent voice files since USV users are fairly widespread and don't need particular files at all.

Load Order

Ubanga.esm should be dead second on your load order, that is, right beneath Oblivion.esm. The DOORS.esp should load last.


I have several major english mods installed like OOO, MMM, DR6, and OCO (this one looks great in Ubanga, btw), and have noticed no conflicts. Unless I hear otherwise, the original mod CAN be played with any and all english mods!


Have at least a few thousand gold to start for expenses. Look for a man named Farasito outside or in the Bloated Float in the IC Waterfront district and buy a ticket. You will be automatically transported to the ship out in the middle of the ocean. To complete the journey you must go inside the ship and then come out again through the central door. Then head left down the pier (you will not be able to go any other way unless you jump off the ship - not recommended) and buy a visa. Once this is done you can then pretty much go wherever you like, though you may have to buy another visa somewhere else for another part of the land further out.

The visa says you can stay for three months, but I don't think any scripts exist that actually enforce this.


The people can seem a bit grouchy and unfriendly towards strangers sometimes but this is the nature of a foreigner in a strange land that is also generally a poor country. High enough disposition may help offset some of this. Perhaps the original author would like to implement some sort of faction system where the more the character does to help these people via quests and such the nicer they will be towards the character. But the original author's primary concern is to develop the lands and such so don't hold out for this idea anytime soon!

Dialogue Branches

Some dialogues (like local rumor type stuff) are completely random and may not appear at all sometimes, so if you are really persistent about getting info you could try and repeat-talk to different NPCs a few different times in a row. High disposition may help.

Boring Stuff

My Version 0.90.0
-fixed/added some path grids to the IC Waterfront on and around the ship (inside the ship and on the ship when out at sea there is no path grids yet)
-fixed some simple start-up scripts that should only execute commands once (example: ALStartup)

-the free horses outside Maranta now only wander near their current location and not their spawn point (I am hoping to at some point make them for sale but not right now)

-all Farasito dialogue
-all Matteo Porentio (Maranta Customs Officer) - greetings/dialogue and everything he can say that is shared by other NPCs (see pic)
-all Maranta Guard 1 - greetings/dialogue and everything he can say that is shared by other NPCs (see pic)
-2 texts in the ship captain's cabin
-Maranta visa text
-AALQ3Announ1 text
-AALQ3CicadaParch text

-fixed a couple of previous texts
-all Ubanga loading screens
-all remaining Yoshi Tamato dialogue

-fixed path grids in Maranta Kommandant's house
-removed outside floating objects in the same
-ALBookPasaranaValley text

-ALBUrenaLapi dialogues (includes her quest-related stuff)
-Marnata Weapons/Armor shop sign (added "No Service on Weekends" to sign name)
-AlMadorai (Treavelers Guild) dialogue

-1 female greeting left over which I found through Samanta Hell dialogue
-ALMarantaKodeks text (on the table on the docks near the Customs Officer)
-AlMArantaGuard1 dialogue (shared) that had some other bits unstranslated
-AALQJob2AnnounStartQuest text (inside Maranta, south gate, quest-related)
-ALPoster text (same as above)
-ALMrntZana1 text (same as above)
-ALJournalOpenStat text

-added 3 vanilla non-respawning crates near the free horses (outside the south gate)

-alimal, for his vision of this wondeful world!
-for fans of alimal, please keep showing him love as often as you can! this is his second life!
-for you, if you are new, and show any love at all!