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Added: 19/06/2013 - 05:55AM
Updated: 29/06/2013 - 07:14AM

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Last updated at 7:14, 29 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 5:55, 19 Jun 2013

If you installed Vanilla Essence prior to version 0.95, please wipe the old files and do a clean install as there were several files causing glitches in the older versions.

*Special thanks to Adamioxs and Starwing for bug reports

I quite like the original textures and have no desire to replace them with a high res pack. High res on low polly looks distracting in my opinion. This Mod aims to improve on the vanilla installation's niggling render issues while leaving the core Oblivion experience as untouched as possible. It was mainly for myself and so far it's made my experience playing the game a more enjoyable one so I thought perhaps others may like it too.

- Landscape texture hues and saturation levels tweaked
- Texture brightness tweaked so hopefully when the brightness slider is in the middle it actually seems like mid-level brightness.
- LOD generations gaussian blurred and contrast lowered to reduce dark splotches on distant landscapes
- Vibrancy of plants increased, particularly on harvestable plants
- Saturation reduced on tree 'billboards', generally because you can easily see that they are sprites... which seems kinda ugly so I wanted them to be less noticeable

Landscape and Imperial City textures. I've since dropped this project.. I may pick it up again one day but for now I'm too busy with work.


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