Underwater Temple by Cole4R
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This mod is not complete, so please understand that any bugs you may find weren't skipped over, they (most likely) haven't been found by me yet. Releasing this is both a motivation for me to finish a 7 month project, and a way to find any bugs/defects with this mod. I would very much appreciate any faults or bugs to be reported to me so I can get to fixing them as soon as possible.


You can find the temple right outside the Waterfront district (it may be automatically unlocked on the map, I'll get to fixing that). Fast travel to the water front, and go through the doorway in the wall right across from the ship known as the Marie Elena, where the Dark Brotherhood quest "A Watery Grave" takes place. After walking through that doorway, the entrance will come to view. Coming up to it reveals a sewer grate, which is currently the only entrance (I may add a teleport spell depending on how people like the mod).


To come ( #=confirmed, *=considering):
#All teleporters fully working
#Improved armory (smithing bonus within an area, etc)
#Library containing spell tomes (DLC required) and books that level you up
*A questline that grants access to the temple
*Moving to a new location to be more lore-friendly (who wouldn't notice a secret underwater temple right by the water district?)