Glass Devourer by JesterofDespair
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Added: 12/06/2013 - 10:09PM
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Last updated at 22:05, 12 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 22:09, 12 Jun 2013

adds a Glass Longsword (Devourer) to the game.

The sword comes in 3 different versions and will swap depending on the time of day
- Devourer: Morning Frost (Blue Glass)
- Devourer: Daylight (Orange Glass)
- Devourer: Evening Storm (Opaque Glass)

The script has two counts...

1. Every 100 kills will increase the swords attack power by +1 (OBSE required)
2. 15 kills will satisfy the swords 'hunger'

If Devourer's hunger is satisfied, the next version will come with enchantments and flame effects... if not, the next version will be plain in appearance and have no enchantments.

Devourer is best suited for new players/games as its initial strength is weak, but it can be built up with use.

Devourer can be found on the statue base in IC Market District.