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Magical Arrows


version 2.0: LGHT Bogaloo!

Ever wondered why enchanted weapons could have pretty or not so pretty effects swirling around them, but not so enchanted arrows?
Maybe there's a good reason, so as not to make them too distracting, or too noticeable. After all, you wouldn't want to give away your position when firing at an enemy... But if you don't care for those pesky realism details, then this is the mod you've been looking for:

Enter Magical Arrows, a small yet simple mod that does just three things and does them well:
  • Any arrow fired from any bow by any actor can now display the enchantment effect shader of the magical effects it contains, if any, while it exists after being fired. This feature is customizable, allowing you to determine whether the effects from enchanted arrows or bows should be displayed, and for how long after the arrow is fired. You can link the duration of these effects to the enchantment effects' duration, or have them display for a flat amount of time, or until the arrow disappears, separately for enchanted bows and arrows. Because I only use the enchantment effect shaders present in your game, your experience may vary depending on what mods or replacers you use affecting them or the magical effects they are attached to. Screenshots use the shader effects from bg's LAME mod.
  • Similar to the above, an option allows arrows fired from a poisoned bow to display the poison shader. Not very realistic, but gives them an extra to look at. As always, customize it in the ini.
  • The jewel of the crown: Light enchantments from arrows and bows can now display an actual, real light source traveling with your arrow! A light with the same properties (or at least close enough) as that of the Light magic effect, and with a radius equal to the light effect in your arrow or bow, will move alongside arrows fired with this effect. Pin light arrows to wooden surfaces to iluminate anything! But there are a few things you have to consider:
  • - First, the light source will at most persist as much as the arrow it is attached to does. Note that by default enchanted arrows will disappear after a few seconds from impacting a non-actor. So this feature will be most useful when firing NON-enchanted arrows from a light-enchated bow.
    - Second, you can set a multiplier to the enchatment light effects' duration to determine for how long the light lasts. But in no case you can set them to be eternal, because I have to avoid bloat, and because the arrow will end up disappearing sooner or later even if it isn't enchanted.
    - Third, you can determine if this feature is only available to the player, or to all actors. In general actors only fire arrows to kill something (generally you) and have little chance of wearing light arrows or bows, but you can still enable the feature for them if you like.
    - Fourth, this feature has to use PlaceAtMe and has to track after all light sources that are placed, which will put additional scripting strain to your game. I have gone to great lengths to avoid savegame bloat, and the script is very efficient, but still, if you don't really need this feature, consider turning it off.
    - Last, only one light base item is used to create the attached light effects, and its radius is changed to amold to the Light effect in the arrow before being placed in the world. If you load a game in which there were light sources from fired arrows, they will reset to the default light radius.

This mod should be compatible with everything and anything. Shader effects are drawn from the magic effects by scanning the projectile's enchantments with a quick script call every time an actor fires a bow, nothing is referenced explicitly. It works even with total conversions such as Nehrim.
Have fun.