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if the summonings from the materia appear out of nowhere, or thye are bugged, or diamond weapon is invisible, try starting a new game.

Diamond Weapon: A spell will be added to your spell list. Use it anywhere outdoors to begin the battle. You can only summon him once, the fight will not be easy, and there is no reward for beating him.

Bug: Having issues with the engine. If HP Absorb doesn't work, save your game, exit, then load. It should be fixed after.

1.Instructions: Pick up the "Materia" menu.
2.Pick up the Materia you want.
3.Pick up the Materia Junction slots.
4.Go into your inventory, click a Materia, then click the Junction slot you want it in.
Some Materia pair. The slots may not show up at first (In which case, equip the menu)
5.To hide Materia, as to not clutter the inventory, unequip the Materia Menu and exit your inventory.

Lightning, Fire, and Ice, Comet, all inflict 50 damage per materia
Poison inflicts 1 damage per tick per materia, for 10 seconds.
Earth inflicts 25 damage to each equipped armor piece, per materia.
It also inflicts the same amount of damage to their fatigue, health, and magicka.
Restore heals yourself and target for 50 points of damage per materia.
Undead will be damaged by this effect.
Each additional Restore (more than 1) will apply a regen effect, restoring 1hp per tick per materia
over 30 seconds. Damages undead.
Heal heals yourself and an ally of Poison, disease, paralysis, and damaged attributes.
Using multiple of these will only do good when dealing with stronger "Materia Poison".
Revive resurrects a downed target. One will revive the target with 50% life,
two raises them with 75%, and 3 will raise them with 100%. More than 3 does nothing.
Seal petrifies the target for 20 seconds, and inflicts 10 points of damage to Magicka and Health Seal
per materia.
Petrification can Fail, but more Seal Materia increase success rate.
Transform turns the enemy into a tiny baliwog. The more transform materia equipped, the more
targets you can morph, up to 16.
lasts 60 seconds. Casting again does not reverse the effect.
Time causes burden to enemies, feather to allies, unlocks chests and applies Telekinesis to objects.
Lasts up to 30 seconds.
All effects, including Unlock and Telekinesis capability, depend on the number of materia
equipped. Level 3 and up silence enemies.
This automatically casts feather on you, to the magnitude equivalent that it would on an ally.
Why feather and burden? Because Actor Value limitations cause problems. And because there is no
Time Battle Guage in Oblivion.
Mystify causes the target to "Frenzy" for 15 seconds when 1 materia is equipped.
2 will cause "Demoralize" for 7 seconds, up to level 100.
Every Mystify past that applies a command effect.
3 Mystify = (Command up to level 10, 14 secconds).
Each Mystify after 3 increases it by 7, and for 2 seconds, but 16 Mystify will control up to level 255
for 30 seconds.
Barrier applies 30 Health to compensate for normal damage, per materia. Applies to you and target.
Additionally, it applies MBarrier, which will reduce incoming Matera Magic damage by 50%.
Each Barrier Materia increases the spell charge by 1, but ANY incoming damage will consume a
So, 3 Barriers will allow you to halve materia magic damage 3 times....and when all charges are
gone, the extra health goes away
Casting Barrier will consume 50% of your base magicka. If you don't have enough, it won't cast.
Destruct is Instant Death to any enemy. Each materia increases success rate by 5%
Gravity reduces enemy CURRENT health by 1/4 per materia.
Shield applies Reflect Magic 7% per materia.
Ultima inflicts damage per materia. 50 in a 10 radius, 50 in a 5 radius, and 50 more on the target.

+HP Absorb will cause you to heal for damage equivilent to that inflicted by linked materia.
+Quadra Magic casts the linked spell 4 times instead of one. ONLY works with damage and restore,
excluding poison.
+Elemental applies a resist effect to normal and materia based spells with paired materia, including
element based summons
these are: Alexander (Holy), Hades (Demi), Ifrit and Phoenix (Fire), Shiva (Ice), Titan (Earth)
+Counter - Also acts as Magic Counter. When taking damage, the paired materia spell will be cast at a
random enemy.
only works with the following materia pairs: Lightning, Ice, Fire, Earth, Comet, Destruct, Gravity,
Mystify, Poison, Restore, Seal, Time, Transform, Ultima
+Pre-Emptive uses the paired MATERIA when entering combat
+Final Attack uses the paired MATERIA when you die. Restore does nothing, but either Phoenix or
Revive will resurrect you. Only runs once every 600 frames out of combat so you're not invincible.
Counter Attack inflicts weapon damage +1/4your strength on a nearby enemy when damage is taken.
The more Counter Attack Materia equipped, the more damage you will cause.
Exp Plus causes you to gain an additional exp point in any skill used, per EXP PLUS materia
Gil Plus increases gold earned by 10% per GIL PLUS materia
Manipulate gives you control over the target. It is the same as Mind Control.
Deathblow hits the target for 2x your strength.
Summons - you can use multiple summons. Using more than 1 level on a summon is pointless.
Exit - Teleports you to your last point of entry to the current worldspace or interior cell.

Requirements - ShiveringIsles
Conflicts - PurgeCellBuffers (Hinders Manipulate between world spaces)