Troll Resurrection by Migck
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Troll Resurrection

Not that kind of trolls...


Really works this time :D

A small mod which changes how trolls have to be dealt with, restoring them to their older TES and D&D games presentation.

Trolls, those unholy crosses of sloth and gorilla, now have a powerful healing factor making them nearly invincible. Slaying them down will only delay them for a little while... unless you KILL THEM WITH FIRE!

This mod changes the magical ability that all trolls use. In the vanilla game, this was a simple restore health + weakness to fire effect. These effects are now replaced with a scripted effect tailored to them.

All trolls now have a flat regeneration rate, and are able to replenish their entire health bar in a small amount of time. If you still manage to bring their HP to 0, you'll find that they won't die, they merely get knocked over and rise back to their feet after a few seconds with full health, ready to kick your ass again.

As you might have guessed, their weak spot is fire: any active fire effect will stop their regeneration, allowing you to kill them. Fire enchanted weapons will be their bane, any lingering fire spell or scroll will also allow you to truly kill them by any means while its effect lasts.
This includes torches. Using the Activate key on a knocked down troll while having a torch drawn will set it on fire for a small amount of time, thus making a cheap and easy aid to killing trolls. But each use of a torch for this purpose will lower the remaining time left for it to burn out.

You can customize all of these features to your liking by changing a few globals in the console, as in 'set iTrollxxxTimer to x'. The different timers and their default values are:
- iTrollRegenerateTimer: the nº of seconds it takes a troll to restore its full health, controls the speed of its regeneration. Default is 12
- iTrollResurrectTimer: the nº of seconds a troll stays down after lowering its health to 0. Default is 7
- iTrollTorchTimer: the nº of seconds that a burn from a torch lasts on a troll. Default is 4
- iTrollTorchConsume: the nº of seconds that a use of a torch to burn a troll subtracts from the time left of the torch. Default is 120. By default torches have 1000 seconds of fuel

Yadda Yadda
To achieve its effect, this mod has to alter the following spells that trolls use: AbTroll, AbTrollEasy, AbTrollHard. If another mod is changing those, trolls will behave as in vanilla. Otherwise it is compatible with anything and everything.
Trolls added by other mods not using any of those abilities will not get the features from this mod. Also, anything carried in the 'torch' slot will be identified as a torch for the purposes of this mod, this includes the light staves from OOO.

Do whatever you want, the Internet doesn't care.

Thanks to Fiore1300 for bringing the idea up.
Thanks to the OBSE Team for OBSE.
Thanks to shadeMe for The CS Extender and for continuing development of OBSE.
Thanks to TesNexus and all its contributors for keeping this game alive.