Realistic Encumbrance and Burden by mg79
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Added: 29/05/2013 - 11:22PM
Updated: 12/04/2015 - 01:14PM

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This mod was initially inspired by SM Encumbrance and Fatigue, I decided to make it because SM's is mostly incompatible with Realistic Fatigue, that I overall prefer, morever I experienced some bugs in that mod, so I decided to make my own. Most features you see here are optional (except the first two).

1. Encumbrance system where there isn't a carrying limit, but a speed and agility penalty if you carry more than you should.
2. Same system applies to all actors, that aren't nailed by burden spells, but slowed down
3. Optional fatigue drain system for encumbrance and burden spells
4. Penalty to speed for being fatigued
5. Sprinting, slower running backwards/sliding/casting
6. Concentration (press a key while immobile to regenerate slightly faster fatigue and magicka)
7. More messages related to encumbrance conditions
8. Combat AI improvements: enemies flee, fight defensively when fatigued,
concentrate, can dispel burden spells and cast restoration spells.

Read the Readme for more details.


This mod comes with a BAIN wizard, so it is the preferred installation method. Read the readme for the manual install.


I took the formula for the encumbrance calculation from Strategy Master's SM Encumbrance and Fatigue and I adapted it to the different penalties that are given with this mod. His mod has been my main inspiration.

The formula for the sprinting feature was originally contained in the Running Revised mod, then adapted again by SM Encumbrance and Fatigue. The formula I'm using is more similar to Running Revised's one, but a bit altered.

The default combat style replacement has been inspired by Duke Patrick's Melee Combat No Recoil. My combat styles are similar to his, but his mod has many more combat styles for many other actor types, so you may want to check it out if you want a better combat AI.


1.0b - The installer was broken, sorry, and the wizard as well, now fixed (hopefully).

- Hopefully fixed wrong message spamming
- NPCs with less than 10 Restoration don't get restoration spells
- changed the encumbrance formula to take into account also strength variations