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The Lucky Mudcrab Inn was made specifically for the enjoyment of everyone or anyone who just wants a VERY fun place to hang out! The more the merrier!

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The Lucky Mudcrab Inn was made specifically for the enjoyment of everyone or anyone who just wants a VERY fun place to hang out! The more the merrier!

Please take plenty of screenshots and upload them!


The Inn is run by a set of beautiful Nord triplets:

Vinja the Silent (Merchant/Publican - food/drinks/sundries)
Eyja the Friendly (Merchant/Smith - Weapons/Armor/repairs/enchanting)
Boromir the Sweet (Merchant Pawnbroker - misc.)

There are two regulars that hang out there (handsome men):

Silus the Brawler (Fighters Guild Champion)
Baurus the Kind (Knight)

Both just returned from serving together in the recent Crises in Kvatch (or some war if you prefer) and are hanging out in the tavern letting the triplets take their minds off the battle. Both own horses in the corral.


The Player inherits a room with an attached (huge) suite. The suite sleeps three more if you have followers.

The one horse named Spitfire is for the Player, it comes with the Inn.Spitfire has been jumping out of the corral and grazing on the other side of the fence. If she does that I've set her AI up to follow someone with apples in their inventory.Just in case you don't happen to have them, there is an apple barrel full of them along the corral fence.


There are two small treasures, nothing to write home to Mother about.


The Inn is across from the Weynon Priory on one side, Chorrol on the other side. The basement has been set up for the staff and the two male guests sleep down there. There is one extra bed if the Player has someone they want to put down there for the night (it has a dining area).


The only safe containers are in the Players Room and Suite. All the containers in the Players Room and Suite are non-respawning except:

The Jewelry Box (on floor in the room)
The House Treasury (Suite)
The Lecturn (Suite)
A couple grain sacks when you first enter the suite

Could not find a PC version of those, but they are not marked to spawn - (we all know how that works sometimes, though)


Known issues:

No conflicts I know of, but probably any mod that alters that same area.Please let me know if you find any.


Version 1.79 - Changing name of Inn, name of Player's horse, signs, etc.

Versions 1.7 - Water Static fixes/ Version 1.73 Corral clean-up/ Version 1.77 reinstalling Texian's water statics from scratch to end water static issues.

Version 1.5 is just a fix for the misnamed mesh file (the folder "Sign" should have been named "GS"); and renamed the water static in the sheep pen to (hopefully) end the issue with missing water meshes.

Thank you all so much for your patience3

Version 1.4 updates

Per request cluttered up corral a bit - Sheep ken, small vinyard, a few weeds and flowers
Added 2 sheep, Daisy and Petunia

Per request added the sound of the Weynon Priory bells ringing the hour - Thank you Ghastley for all your help with that!

Added ambient bird sounds
Added 3 butterflies
Added the Umpa bard playing inside the inn, and a few other ambients
Fixed more fires oriented wrong
Lowered fences and leveled barn so it can be ridden out of now
Changed the two outside signs to activators
Added a few of Umpa's amazing animations

Version 1.3 updates:

Fixed floating bedroll
Added sign at road
Fixed fence issues and added gate at road
Removed large rock

Version 1.2 updates:

(Can't thank Ghastley enough for these corrections!)

Fixed Eyja's bed 2" off floor
Fixed fire in Player's Suite not oriented correctly
Sound Files issue fixed!
Slope leveled for stables and corral fence.




** Ghastley: for the beautiful signs and the Posters (upload seperately)

Also and especially want to thank Ghastley for his incredibly Awesome help with the Priory bells and in fixing Vinja's sound files, leveling the slope for the stables and corral fence, correcting Eyja's bed (not dropped to floor), correcting the fire in the Player's suite (not oriented properly), and for sending me the fixed copy to upload - I just can't express enough thanks for that kind of help!

Ghastley, you absolutely ROCK!Here is his page, he makes some incredible mods I hope you will check out!



Texian's Static Water Meshes
Version 1.00

by Texian


I personally don't like seeing horse stables without a watering trough, or seeing empty water troughs sitting around - so Texian, I love all your mods!


The Great Umpa, for his bard sound files and awesome animations!

Thank you Umpa!


And Bethesda Softworks (of course)!



Copy the ESP and folders into the "Oblivion/Data" folder.

Uninstall =Just remove the ESP and above files.


**Permission with credit for the work, and special permission and gratitude for anyone that can help me improve it!