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Rolling Hills Manor is an upper scale estate located at the Blue Road to Cheydinhal, roughly between Nagastani and Roland Jenseric's cabin. It was built by a rich adventurer, who disappeared a year before the assassination of emperor Uriel Septim VII. Find out what happened with its previous master, and claim it as your own!

Some of the manor features are:

  • tons of safe storage;
  • a double bed in master bedroom, two beds in guest room, 4 + 2 beds in the attic, plus two more in the shack;
  • all lights and fires can be turned on/off; if you light a fire, smoke will rise from the appropriate chimney; during day, the house interior will be lit by sunlight, and during night, lights that you turn on will be visible from the outside;
  • alchemy ingredient sorter, spellmaking and enchanting workstations; a special chest that multiplies ingredients;
  • teleporter to take you to all major cities of Cyrodiil, and a separate one to take you to Shivering Isles; there's also a spell to return home;
  • you can smelt unneeded armor, weapons, jewelry and some clutter and create various ingots; these raw materials can then be used to make other armor, weapons, jewelry and lockpicks;
  • you can also make fur armor from animal pelts, or tan them and turn into raw leather, which can be used to make leather armor;
  • you can make teas that work as potions;
  • you can make your own wine and beer/ale;
  • all cells have path grids to help your guests/companions move around the estate.

This house is based on excellent Dragonstone Manor resource by Stroti.

For more information, consult the README - most likely, it's the largest one you've ever seen in an Oblivion mod... ;-)

UPDATE 2013-05-28: Added ESP that does not require Shivering Isles. Thanks to ArkuEST for testing!

UPDATE 2013-06-04: Added patch for use with Unique Landscapes: Ancient Yews. This patch is made by Nephenee13 - thank you, Nephenee! Proper loading order is: 1. xulAncientYews.esp, 2. Rolling_Hills_Manor.esp, 3. Rolling_HIlls_Manor_ULAY_patch.esp.

UPDATE 2014-01-20: A quick patch for the error in Orb of Madness script - nothing else changed. Thanks to Grand Eterna and Ghejt for reporting this bug!