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EDIT; The file is uploaded now, it didn't register before. Enjoy!

FYI; Clearing a quest location before aquiring the quest related to that location, almost always results in you not being able to acquire/finish that quest, Essentially breaking it. With this book you can safely avoid such area's saving them for later.

Kindly endors so that others will notice this useful little book.
I went through all the quests/regions/places at the wiki pages to get this info, Includes SI and DLC's, But this mod doesn't require them to function properly.

The list is in an alphabetical order for easy reference, Can be obtained from Estelle Renoit's Bookstore in Chorrol, Placed on a table near to where she usually stands.

The installation is very easy, Instructions included.

I've been playing with this for about a week now, no problems so far and i'm using many many mods.
I guess it could possibly conflict with mods that alter Estelle's bookstore, if you have anything like that just place it last in the loadorder.