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Added: 12/05/2013 - 10:59PM
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Last updated at 2:24, 15 May 2013 Uploaded at 22:59, 12 May 2013

Sewer Exit Shack v1.0

This mod adds a shack near the prison sewer exit. I made some minor changes to the area, as well. I changed the dock to be more suitable to small boats. I made this for my use so it's very simple. It contains basic PC needs; a bedroll and a chest. You can fast travel to it using the sewer exit icon. There are other crates and barrels to loot, if you choose.

Background Story:
House was originally built by family moving their fishing business closer to the IC. It was later abandoned. Smugglers, now, occasionally use the house, dock and sewers to move goods. (However, that's as far as it goes. The house is free to use. There are no active smugglers in the mod. I created a background and added enough detail to justify the structure's existence; nothing more.)

Extract files and place SEShack.esp in Oblivion/Data folder. Activate the esp.

To Uninstall:
Remove SEShack.esp from Oblivion/Data folder.

I built this mod and tailored it to my needs. I am contributing it to repay the community from which I have gotten so much. I don't know of any conflicts. I do not plan to make any further additions.

I grant permission to any & all to use, modify and/or republish this mod. I don't need credit but it is appreciated.

DarkRider for CS Tutorial and all the people who have authored mods before me for inspiration.

Useless Drivel:
Up 'til now, I would leave some modified equipment, for my PC, in the boat outside the prison sewer exit.
I always thought the dock seemed out of place. It looked as if it could handle large ships, yet I can wade all the way across the water. Why would any ships come to the dock? The area is remote and unpopulated. Made me wonder what purpose the dock served. It was a good place for modders to leave chests instead of scattering them around the IC. But no one used it for that. Just something about the whole area...seems forgotten. It has a real isolated feel.
Anyway, I decided I wanted a small house outside the sewer exit. I searched for an existing mod but couldn't find one. So, using DarkRider's CS Basic Tutorial as my guide, I built this mod. Enjoy.

scm1893 04/13

ChangeLog: 5/13 corrected issue with TESIVEdit.