Sparkles - a custom wisp companion by chakaru11
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Sparkles is a custom, shiny wisp companion creature, which can be found floating around in the Anvil Castle Courtyard. In the same place you will find an item called "Sparkles Spell", which will teach you the spell to summon Sparkles (duh.)
Sparkles is based on Maigrets companion creature tutorial and zotman's Hentari companion. You can toggle Sparkles on and off, so that he will either follow you or stay behind and float around a bit. He has quite a few spells, but don't expect him to rescue you in a pinch.

Sparkles is not really a fighter, he's more an interactive, floating accessory XD He looks pretty and you will find yourself staring at him more than once. He (why yes, in my head he is a he XDD) changes color, produces puffs of colorful sparkles (aha!) and leaves a trail of particles in his wake. You will see quite a bit of animation going on, so yeah, prepare to be staring :D He's a bit bigger than your average will o wisp and moves a bit faster. He also has a custom sound set, which sometimes works and sometimes... not so much. I have no idea why, sometimes toggling him on and off helps. I could not get the idle sound to work though, so maybe someone out there could take a peek and tell me what I am doing wrong? Anyways.

As with most pretty things, Sparkles is not the brightest tool in the shed, so sometimes when you switch cells he gets left behind and you will have to go back and toggle him on and off and try again. Fasttravel works fine though.
If you tell him to wait, he will float around by himself, so if you don't want to take him with you, he also makes an awesome piece of animated decoration in a player home XDD Just imagine him in a mage themed house, spreading sparkles all over the place and looking pretty! *_*


Drag, drop, activate esp, SPARKLE :D


None that I know of.

- Maigret, for the awesome tutorial and all the fantastic creatures
- zotman for the hentari mod and his wonderful "use as you see fit" policy.

Terms of use?
While the scripts are by Maigret, Sparkles himself is mine. You are free to use him in mods (may it be as a creature, magic effect or decoration), but please let me know where he goes :D