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Tieflandsburg Castle
Tieflandsburg is a unique player-owned castle south of the border into Elsweyr, southeast of the Ayleid ruin of Silorn. It requires Shivering Isles and the in-game borders MUST be disabled in order to access the castle! This can be done by editing your Oblivion.ini file, Using Wrye Bash or using the Cyrodiil Border Remover.

There are 15 interiors, excluding a couple hallways. Besides the usual throne hall, lord's quarters, vault, chapel, dungeon, etc., the castle includes a Display Room, Sorcerers Chamber, Bottlery (wine cellar), Oubliette, Lounge Hall, and a Evil Lair in the sewer under the fortress.

This is a patch for the Tales from Elsweyr Anequina mod. It fixes the issue of the castle burying Kilrath's Trading Post.

Tieflandsburg CM Partners
This adds 10 CM Partners to Tieflandsburg Castle to fill the roll of NPC's to make the place feel less Cold and Lonely. I went with CM Partners because I don't know how to program NPC's really.

Install and removal
Installation is simple.

Open the WinRAR file and drag/drop the ESP file into your Data folder and turn it on.
Removal is as easy as deleting the ESP from your data folder.

Its the same for the patch, Download, drag/drop into the data folder and turn on.
It is recommend that you re-down load the latest version of Tieflandsburg to make the patch work. I had to change the file name so the patch would work for all of the updated versions of the mod.

As for the CM partners
Drag and drop the ESP, Mesh and Texture Folder into your Data folder. and turn on the ESP. Tieflandsburg is (of coarse) to make this ESP work

To Delete you will have to delete the Tieflandsburg Partners ESP as well as Meshes\Tieflandsburg and Textures\Tieflandsburg.

Known Bug's
I can't even get pasted the boarder to the castle, it says to turn back.

This mod requires the in-game borders MUST be disabled in order to get the castle. This can be done by editing your Oblivion.ini file, Using Wrye Bash or using the Cyrodiil Border Remover.

There are large yellow squares with ! all over.

This mod requires Shivering Isles to work. If you don't have a legal version of Oblivion with the Shivering Isles DLC then you'll see missing mesh all over when you get there.

Your F***ing mod crashed my game!

With every addition to Oblivion, there is a chance that you'll ruin your gamesave or cause something to go wrong with the game its self. I've had both happen to me several times and the only thing I could do was a fresh fresh game or a completely new install. I'm sorry if this happens to you.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Lieutenant Hawk's for the original mod.
Blackie for the CM Partners Mod
Renzeekin for the Concealing Hoods
Lord Frostcraig for the Guard Armor