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Last updated at 23:18, 11 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 19:26, 6 May 2013

Title: True Banking System
Author: Elei-Mi-Shill
Last Update: 11 Jun 2013
Requirements: Oblivion, Shivering Island, OBSE


  • BACKUP YOUR SAVES FIRST! this is in an ealry stage and dramatic changes can be made
  • BACKUP YOUR SAVES FIRST! it's possible that it break your saves (still I had no problems)
  • GO NEAR A NON RESPAWNING CONTAINER! Money now have a weight. So, if you have with you, let's say, 1 million septims, it's really possible that you'll be overencumbered and need to drop some money (yes you can)


This mod is divided in 2 files:
  • TrueBankingSystem.esm: is the main file and will add currency and banking procedures, BUT NOT A REAL BANK! It will add 3 currencies (Tamriel, Ayleid, Shivering Isle); it should be also compatible with Nerhim
  • BankInCyrodiil.esp: (it is NOT Bank Of Cyrodiil, and it's not related at all) will add a bank in Imperial City where you'll be able to open an account and deposit your money; just be patient because it needs some more work; it will also change the leveled lists to add the correct money to containers (never understood why in ancient ayleid ruins you find septims instead of ayleid coins).

A third file "implementcurrency.txt" will teach you how to implement new currencies for new worlds and also banks

Notice that Tamriel and Shivering Isle has different currencies: Tamriel has Septims, while SI has Madness coins; the system automatically count ONLY the currency available in the current world!

bugs and features

  • Feature: when you open a container your total gold will be 0 and when you harvest the contents it will display the gold that were in the container; it is not a bug; if you close the container and open the inventory, it will show you the correct amount of money
  • bug: in the world you find collect gold coins from the game, they are actually converted in silver septims; unfortunately to correct this bug I have to edit all the world, meaning that the .esm should become Oblivion dependant; this will be corrected by BankInCyrodiil.esp when it will be available, for now, just pretend you don't notice
  • Feature: when you speak with people all your {CurrentWorld} coins and notes disapper; it's not a bug, but it's required to make this mod work correctly, expecially with shops; if you think, you don't actually "sell" money to the shop, you just use them to buy items, so it's not necessary for you to see them in the shopping list.
  • Feature: when the shopping menu appears all {OtherWorld} coins and notes are visible; it's right, and you can also SELL and BUY them if available; let's say it's a rudimental "moneychanger" system
  • Feature: no Oblivion currency; I don't think Dremora or Scamps actyally uses money; so I don't plan to add a specific currency for Oblivion realms; I deem fit that you find Septims there because it's the money collected from victims from Tamriel, so it makes sense to me that you found such currency there
  • feature: your Bank Booklet for the current world will be marked as QUEST ITEM while you speak with people. Therefore you cannot sell it, but you can sell the ones from other worlds if you want spend 100 coins to buy it again from the bank clerk; it's NOT a bug, The booklet will be unmarked as quest when you exit dialogue, so you'll be able to drop it or store it in a cointainer (don't do it: with the booklet in your inventory you can use the money stored in the Bank to buy items, without it you cannot access those money).
  • bug: no ayleid coins in the game: I need to change the leveled lists for that; please be patient


Just run the selfextracting archive in the Oblivion folder (not the data); you can also use 7Zip to extract the contents


Unfortunately you'll lose a part of your money when you uninstall this mod. The best way is to go to Cyrodiil, sell ALL the coins from other worlds and then uninstall (you don't need to withdrow from bank, you just need to have with you the account booklet). Still, if you have an account in a bank from another world (i.e. Shivering Isle) you'll need to withdrow all money from it

Create your own bank

Creating your own bank is pretty easy. You need to create a shopkeeper, place it in the TBSBankers faction (IMPORTANT; MUST BE RANK 1, not 0 or he won't speak the service dialogues), and use an empty Shop Container with the script TBSMoneyChangerBoxSCR attached. That's all you need.


-0.5A 11 Jun 2013
  • Corrected a lot of bugs (now everything should work just fine)
  • Now, when you start the MOD your money are transformed using all the notes and coins, so you won't find yourself overencumbered by a million silver coins
  • Bank booklet of the current world now can't be sold, therefore you cannot use this trick to multiply banked money
  • Now you have multiple currencies (Septims for Tamriel, Shards for Oblivion and Madness for Shivering Isle)
  • Ayleid and Dwemer coins included but still unused
  • Optional file with a bank to test it

-0.1A First release