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You must start a new game to prevent bugs and receive many of the benefits.
For MATERIA, download this mod instead: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/43663/?
MATERIA previously obtainable in this mod is not supported and I suggest removing it.
make sure this mod loads after MATERIA.

Shapeshifting has a bug for me where the character stays visible. All you need to do is load a saved game and it should work itself out.

All NPC's are switched to Non-Essential.
All Characters respawn (Cell reset).
Guards attack player for bounty over 40 on sight, unless their disposition is 90 or more.

any npc in bandit or marauder faction spawns with a random amount of bounty, from 25
to 1000

killing any npc will reward exp to all skills in an amount equal to 1/2 the targets level.

Dremora, Golden Saint, and Dark Seducer are playable.
Child Races made for each vanilla race.
Cross-Breed races labeled as Mutants with an unknown origin are available.

Argonians Racial: Create Venom for weapons. 5 vials, of up to 3 types, based on Conjuration skill.
Dremora Racial: Turn weapon into Daedric Weapon from LeveledLists used by Dremora.
Dremora Racial: Bound a set of Daedric Armor. Cast again to remove.
Dark Seducer Racial: Bound a set of Dark Seducer Armor.
Dark Seducer Racial: SexChange - Change Gender of target NPC.
Golden Saint Racial: Bound a set of Golden Saint Armor.
Golden Saint Racial: Peace Bringer, befriending several adversary factions until cancelled.
Imperial Racial: Bound various sets of imperial armor, with or without a helmet.
Imperial Racial: Accusation - attempt to blame target for crime and cause them bounty.
; Higher success rate with better speechcraft.
; Has chance to fail, and the bounty (500 gold) is put on your head.
DarkElf Racial: Tame any undead creature, call or dismiss them.
WoodElf Racial: Tame any living creature, call or dismiss them.
High Elf Racial: Fortify multiplies mgicka by 50 for 3 seconds, allowing super spells.
Orc Racial: Berserk adds 1 point of vampirism
Orc Racial: Bound Orcish Armor
Khajiit Racial: Use feral scents to detect life in 1000 feet.
Breton Racial: Expend 1/3 of your magicka into damage on successful hit.
Nord Racial: Regenerate 2 points of magicka, health, and fatigue, for 30 seconds.

Spell Deleter: Select a spell, press delete, and you will be asked if you want to remove
the spell.
An inventory item that allows you to...
Race change (Keeps skills), Class change, BirthSign change, Enchant, Spell Make,
Or skip tutorial.
There's also an option to bring all of your stats to 100 if you are level 45+.
Acrobatics 100+. You can levitate by holding jump.
Release to lock altitude, or tap to land. Speed = Speed + Acrobatics +Athletics.
Strength 100+. 2 Hand blades and blunts are held in one hand.
Enchanting / Spellmaking. All effects are now available by "A0SpellIndex". no need for useless spells.
Weapon Recharge, Block + Z with weapon that has 3 or more charge.
Increasing max charge affects all instances of that exact weapon.
Max Charge does not persist through game saves.
Death: You are immortal. If you die, you will respawn in 30 seconds.
Powers: 2 extra charges for Greater Powers per day, which replinish a power that you cast.

MythicDawn Robe and Hood now deploy mythic dawn armor. It auto-casts on starting combat.

hand to hand: While blocking in combat, you are given 7 points of constant restore health.
staves: while blocking, you are given 120 points of spell absorption.
1 handed blade weapons: While blocking, you are given 120% resist magic.
1 handed blunt weapons: while blocking, you are given 120% resist normal weapons.

They respawn at random door when they die! It's possible they appear out of range,
so watch for ambushes.
; Any missing HP is translated into bonus damage on attacks!
; (this runs as poison for non-poisoned weapons.
enemies immune will not take the damage).
; Special equipment, accessible from a spell provided at game start.
; This includes a Materia System and Purchaseable, infinite, new attributes.
; Battlegrounds is focused on two teams fighting, where healing powers can be used.
; Spells are too many to list.
WARNING. If you have other preferred settings, this mod will override them.
Some vanilla spells allowed for spellmaking and enchanting which were previously
Annoying text removed, such as "Loading Area". Other text such as "Added" is still there.
Days and months next to their real-world translations.
Repair Hammer weight set to 0. TimeScale set to 10.

; PurgeCellBuffers interferes wtih mind control.
This mod runs it every 4k feet when not mind controlling.
Some potential for problems with mods that add in special guards (clones on respawn)

OBSE v20, SetBody 2ch, Shivering Isles, Knights of Nine
SetBody meshes - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/39966//?
HGEC textures - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/15802//?