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Fitted for the HGEC body, H-cup

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Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer
by Dlesang
Release April 23, 2013
Update May 1st, 2013

Created four different bust sizes for female model.

This mod simply replaces the derpy looking Shrouded Armor with something a be more respectable. It's my first full armor mod and includes female and male models. The female model is made for HGEC H-cup female upper body. Other bust sizes, including A, C, E, and H are available on nexusmods at http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/43536

Simply drop the meshes and textures folders and the esp file into your Oblivion Data folder.

All my mods are clearly marked with the word "devsmods." All my esp files start with this word, and all my folders are labeled this as well. Just look inside these folders for the mod you want to remove. Don't forget the corresponding esp file.

Just message me on Nexus.

Bethesda Softworks for making the game
Whoever made Blender, nifskope and nif scripts
Adobe for Photoshop 7 and whoever made the dds plugin
Whoever made easy paint tool SAI
Ninjas....I guess?
And Ava for helping me test it