Enhanced Imperial Dragon Set by Niev
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Well, as you might already know, this is a reward for completing the main quest, which most consider end-game.

So, i re-designed it's stats, to make it more useable end-game. Some may consider this to be overpowered, but if you play in hard difficulties, you won't mind it that much.

I upped the armor stats to compare to that of the emperor, and the light one i just divided it by 1.5 so the stats are the same with the last light armor perk.

VVVVV Well that was a disaster. Thank nexus for formatting my text :P

Name Armor Enchantment
Imperial Dragon Helmet 7.5 35% Magic Resistance + 20% Spell Absorb
Imperial Dragon Cuirass 18.75 60% Resistance to all elements + 100 health
Imperial Dragon Gauntlets 7.5 Fortify 30 pts on Marksman, Blunt and Blade
Imperial Dragon Greaves 11.25 80% Resist of Disease and Poison + 100 Magicka
Imperial Dragon Boots 7.5 Feather 120 pts, + 100 Fatigue and Resist 80% of Paralysis
Total Armor : 52.5

I will take suggestions on balancing it further.