Tree Bark HD Reduced by Darooz and amnes - reduced by Xerus
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Added: 14/04/2013 - 02:30PM
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Tree Bark HD Reduced v1.0
by Darooz and amnes
reduced by Xerus

The original tree bark HD textures by Darooz and amnes look really good in the game, but they may increase the stuttering noticeably, because many of the textures have a very high resolution of 4096x2048 or 2048x2048. Apart from this, some normal maps have for no apparent reason black alpha channels that don't make any visuall difference but make the files unnecessary larger.

So I have created a reduced version of the tree bark HD textures where the 4096x2048 textures are scaled down to 2048x1024 and the 2048x2048 textures to 1024x1024. Furthermore the unnecessary alpha channels were removed. The total size of the texture package was reduced to less than one-third of the original one. The visual difference is hardly noticeable and the performance impact is not as drastic anymore. Mip maps are also included of course.

Copy the folder "Textures" to your "Oblivion\Data\" directory. (An archive invalidation could possibly be necessary that can easily be done with the Oblivion Mod Manager.)

Thanks to Darooz and amnes for the original tree bark HD textures