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Added: 11/04/2013 - 07:16AM
Updated: 03/02/2017 - 04:54AM

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Last updated at 4:54, 3 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 7:16, 11 Apr 2013

A mostly esp[less] replacer of many random things in-game.
Here are the following items included in this mod. Pick and choose what you want. I find the easiest thing to do is to go through each item, and see if you like it. If you don't, delete the item and then build a file that you like from this mod and copy that to your data files.


  Cheydinhal houses that have extra planks of wood on the exterior to make texture packs more compatible and will stop any textures from looking strange.
  Amulets and rings being improved (mostly textures).
  Paint pallet improvement.
  Dog and Imp have new models (and textures). Horse armor with ranes.
  Ancient bowls, Palepass Ice and Traps, including some bug fixes for all items.
  Better water splash effect, and fix glitched white flame from KOTN dlc.
  Fireball and shock mesh changes.



  Better rust and flag textures for cities. More old looking castle brick textures, and Farmhouse textures for the roof. Imperial City roof texture has changed too.
  Guard gaunlets texture been fixed (I seem to think fix in a different way to UOP, cannot remember unfortunetly).
  Better textures for rings and amulets, rythes apron (with paint on it) and mages robe.
  Candles and crates have better textures or recolouring. Gold coin and Garridans tears are retextured. Sacks and ropes have HQ textures. Paint pallet, Anvils and Hourglasses have better textures.
  Better textures for deer, dog, imp, mehrune dagon, ogre, skeleton and xivilai.
  Ayleid ruin traps and rubble have better textures. Better cave fungus textures, runestones better textures. Bloodstains, water drips, palepass ice (and LOD for Ice) and shock particles have better textures. Better Sewer rust textures.
  Better terrain noise and water splash texture.
  Better smoke texture, candle spark and flame spark textures.
  Vanilla friendly yet realistic looking HQ ground textures that are not part of my Grass Overhaul Mod.
  Matching any textures added in this mod to the same objects as LOD meshes. Mostly farmhouse and imperial city models. And runestones.
  Better area effect texture.
  Darker and less saturated wheat texture.
  Rock textures that are consitent with the landscape textures included in this mod. With more realistic underwater rock textures.
  Better snowflake texture and sun glare textures.
  Better water and lava textures outside of oblivion reloaded.
  Better Knights of Order Sword texture.

  Allows Frostcrag spire to be seen from anywhere in northern cyrodiil; including in towns.
  Allows the Ice in palepass to look good with the textures in this mod without any texture tiling and normal map glitches.


I would like to credit maczopikczo for the incredible Ice texture made in the mod Nice Ice a.k.a. The Hills Have Ice. My Palepass Ice depended on this texture and it's such an incredible one.