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A conversion to HGEC of RGMs Navatar Race Mod for Bab and Roberts

Adds a new custom race similar to the Na’vi in the movie Avatar by James Cameron. This isn’t just another Na’vi race mod, this is thee Na’vi race mod for anyone who would want to play a Na’vi in Oblivion. The extremes to which I pushed myself in making this mod bordered on an unhealthy obsession and fanaticism. I spared no expense in time or effort in my attempt to make this the best of the best of Na’vi race mods. Whither I succeeded or not, that is for you to decide, be this my finest moment in modding or my greatest folly.

Custom Head Mesh? Yes, a custom version of throttlekitty’s head06 head mesh sculpted in blender with all facial morphs and animations working.

Three Fingers and a Thumb? Yes, custom hands with the three fingers and thumb of the Na’vi auto equipped by script.

Four Toed feet? Yes of course, auto equipped by script just like the hands.

Tail with bushy tip? Yes

Glowing dots on skin? Yes, on an overlaying body mesh merged with the tail.

Custom Ears? Yes, ridiculously high poly but hey, they look great.

Custom long Braided Hair? Yes, and not only rigged, but also added in the CharGen menu – rigged not wigged. Don’t ask how it works, it’s magic.



OBLIVION PATCH v1.2.0416 http://support.bethsoft.com/patches.php

OBSE 20 or higher http://obse.silverlock.org/

HGEC and or Roberts male v5 recommended for compatability

KT_CustomRaceFix.esp http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1815

TES4 Oblivion


What’s new for HGEC?

Although this mod is based on the original Bab version it is not merely a conversion, it is a major update of the previous release. A lot of the work that went into this release was aimed primarily at female characters and I make no apologies for that, as making Navatar more accessible for HGEC users was my main motivation for putting this release together. There has been a lot of tweaking of textures and meshes and uv layouts. Some poly reduction has been applied in certain areas for better performance. It is still high poly and high rez, but slightly reduced.

Some clothing items have been removed and new items added. The clothing is a mix of styles, some true to the movie and others done in a tribal campy Native American bordering on hippy look.

The big upgrade here is the hair. The hair is much improved, and the fact that you can apply the rigged hair in the showrace menu may be unique in Oblivion modding. It does take a few extra steps to activate the rigged hair from the showrace menu but it is not at all difficult, it is as easy as blinking your eyes. Literally, you change your eyes and the rigged hair is activated, I will explain in more detail further down on this page under the heading “Activating Your Rigged Hair”


What body types are used?

First let’s deal with the nudity issue. Whatever you currently have installed, be it nude or none nude, is what you will get with your Na’vi. This is a change from the original version that auto equipped all body parts. Now only hands and feet are swapped out by script. The reason for making this change was so I could avoid labeling this as an adult mod. Navatar supports nude or none nude depending on what you have already installed.

The male supports Roberts V5 and is mostly unchanged from the original version.

The female of the base race will be whatever HGEC cup size you have installed. However, the clothing included was made for C-cup upper and normal lower. There are a couple of clothing items that contain no body parts, like the feather necklace that uses the amulet slot and offers some coverage of the boobs, if you are using H-cups then you will have clipping issues with that necklace.

As to why I chose the C-cup, I looked at all the options and gave it a lot of consideration and I felt that the C-cup would be most appropriate. I can’t say at this time if I would do other versions or BBB or anything like that. I’m not ruling it out but I won't commit to anything at this time. It might depend on how much interest there is in this mod. Obviously there are a lot fewer people playing Oblivion today than there were pre Skyrim, and I have no idea how many or how few of you will even want this mod.


Stats Powers and Spells

Na’vi are blessed with Eywa's Gift:

- fortified health 50
- Auto regenerate health 1 per second
- Powerful Acrobatics buff +200
- Weakness to Magic 25
- Weakness to fire 25

Greater Power:

- Blend = chameleon 50 for 15 seconds

Lesser Power:

- Mystic Sight = detect life 150 for 15 seconds

Base Attributes:

- Strength 50
- Intelligence 25
- Willpower 25
- Agility 50
- Speed 50
- Endurance 40
- Luck 50
- Persuasion 30

Skill Bonus:

- Alchemy 10
- Athletics 10
- Blunt 5
- Hand to Hand 5
- Light Armor 5
- Marksman 10
- Sneak 5

Height and Weight

- Male height = 1.25
- Male weight = 1.15

- Female height = 1.20
- Female weight = 1.10

Taller than any other playable default race but obviously not as tall as in the movie. Some of you may be disappointed by this but that's really as tall as it can go and still be playable in the game world without too many issues.


Rigged Hair applied in CharGen

If you have been around Oblivion modding for a few years and followed the modding forums, then you have probably read about how it was not possible to have rigged hair working in the character generation/showrace menu, and the only way you could have rigged hair in Oblivion was with a wig.

Yeah, I read that too, but I never really accepted it, so I just kept banging my head against a brick wall in an exorcise in futility trying to see if I could make it work. In all honesty I can’t claim that I figured it out, but I did accidentally stumble across something that worked (more or less).

I was testing my latest attempt at rigged hair to see if it would appear in the showrace menu, and of course it did not. When I set the character to use the rigged hair, the hair was not visible and the character was bald. I wasn’t too surprised or disappointed; it was a long shot so I just added it to my long long list of failures. But while I had the menu open I wanted to have a look at a new eye texture I made, so I went back to the eye menu and changed the eyes. The moment I did that I found myself looking at my character’s tummy instead of the face, as if the camera had changed position or the character was now much taller, but most importantly the rigged hair was now showing. I exited the showrace menu and went back into the game and sure enough my rigged hair was there and working perfectly.

I’ve had this for a couple of years now and it works reasonably well but with some limitations. I always hoped that I would be able to develop it more and then release some big splashy mod and everyone would love it and I would become an exalted icon of the modding community lol, but it was not to be. I never could figure out what to do about the camera position, and when I tried to make the hair colorable like the default hairs, I found that they lost their rigging and conformulation, and floated above the body whenever the character went into the sneak animation.

In spite of the drawbacks I think this method works well for Na'vi (who don’t need colorable hair), with just a small work-around required in the showrace menu, so I decided to include it in this mod and we will see how it goes.


Activating Your Rigged Hair

- Activating your rigged hair is the last thing you should do when creating your character.

- There are 10 styles of hair available for the Na’vi, each style has 2 versions, Static and Rigged. Hairs are named 1 to 10 static followed by 1 to 10 rigged.

- Use only the static hair when designing your character’s face

- When you are happy with your characters appearance and don’t want to do any more tweaking of the face, take note of the static hair style # you selected, then flip through hairs until you come to the rigged version of the hair. At this point the hair will not be visible; as soon as you switch to any rigged version your character will be bald, this is normal so don’t worry, we will fix it in a moment.

- Return to the previous menu where you can select your eyes. Change your eyes one position, doesn’t matter which way. When you change your eyes you should now see that the camera position has shifted and you should now be looking at your characters mid-section and no longer able to see the face.

- Change your eyes back one position to what you had originally wanted.

You are now ready to play. When you see your character in game it will be normal size and it should have its rigged hair.

Changing from one rigged hair to another or from a rigged hair to a static hair?

It works the same way as above, just choose your new hair and flip your eyes,

Are the static hairs playable?

Yes, you can play the static hair if you need to. The disadvantage is that they will clip with the body


Location – Starting a New Character

Race should be played with a new character. Walk through the back wall of your cell to enter cheat room, all items can be found in the cheat room.

You can also buy:
- clothing from Skjorta at NordWinds Bruma
- potions from Sinderion at Westweald Inn Cellar in Skingrad
- Weapons at Slash 'n Smash Imperial City
- Enchanted arrows and all archery stuff from Archer's Paradox in Bravil



Install with Nexus Mod Manager

Or install manually

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)OblivionData
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside RGMsNavatar.esp



1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.



Not compatible with the original Beta version of Navatar for Bab


Known Issues or Bugs

Fixed - HeadBand03 falling in front of view in 1st person when going into sneak or combat - this has been fixed in the 2.1 version or you can download just the fixed headband nif and install manually for version 2.0

Fixed -Summoned Na'vi Warrior was repeatable instead of a once a day power - this has been fixed in version 2.1. It is now working as a once a day power and the warrior can now summon an archer as he was supposed to do but was not working in 2.0 version.

If you use showracemenu to change races while you are a Na’vi, your game will crash unless you have a clothing item equipped to hands and feet slots. This is only for changing from a Na’vi to another race. Changing to a Na’vi from another race will not cause a crash.

When using the headbands you may notice clipping with the head. The headbands do not morph with the head, so if you have a fat head or a large forehead you will see clipping. The easy fix is don’t have a fat head. Also the headbands do not work equally well with all hairs; they were not meant to be universal and it is up to you to find a combination that works for you.

There are shadowing issues on some clothing items when self shadows are enabled – underlying clothing casting shadows on the outer layers, especially noticeable on the long coat.



Thanks to Ronyn for creating Unique Races Script and allowing it to be used.

Thanks to Scanti for merged teeth and tongue nif, merged mouth nif, and the conformulator

Thanks to throttlekitty for creating head06 and allowing it to be used in this mod.

Thanks to ren I used a little snip of an alpha channel from one of his/her textures.

Thanks to Slof for helpful advice.

Thanks to Robert for male body V5 version

Thanks to RAIAR for HGEC body

Thanks to MentalElf Barney Blankenship for TES4FILES V2.8

Thanks to everyone involved with developing Blender without whom I would not have made this mod.

Thanks to everyone involved with developing NifSkope which continues to be a very essential tool for me.

Thanks to all the people who worked on Photoshop which was used to create all textures in this mod.

Thanks to the incredibly talented but underpaid Devs at Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.


Tools Used

Blender 2.49
Scanti's conformulator
TES Construction Set
Readme Generator



This is not a resource. You cannot reuse any part of this mod without my permission.

You can make other mods dependant on this mod. Just make sure people know that Navatar is a requirement for your mod to function.

Making your mod dependent on Navatar would not require my permission.

Author: RGM

aka RGMage2 on Nexus aka RedGuard Mage2 on Bethesda forums aka RGM age2 at Steam