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I'm not good at English, sorry.
This MOD adds Reanimate Undead Spell.

Garlas Agea
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Even if you remove these spells from your spell list, you can learn again by reading scrolls.


1.UNZIP archive
2.COPY esp, bsa, ini to Data folder
3.CHECK this MOD at Oblivion Launcher Data Files

1.DELETE esp, bsa, ReanimateUndead.ini

*Change Log
v1.0.1b - 2 bugs fixed, old version had been made to bloat to obse savedata

*For old version users
I'm sorry, old version had been made to bloat to obse savedata.
fixed at version 1.0.1 beta

How to remove bloated data of this MOD from obse savedata.
  1. INSTALL new version(overwrite ESP)
  3. LOAD game
  4. SAVE game
  5. EXIT game
  6. ACTIVATE this MOD

Thanks to Linz

???????????? | Linz [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=31619071

*Background Story
Added books are written in Japanese.
Japanese texts are here
1. http://obliviossan.seesaa.net/article/353161320.html
2. http://obliviossan.seesaa.net/article/353170459.html

The spell was created haphazardly by the orc adventure.
He wrote about the spell to book and the book was issued(link 1).
The mage who read the book contacted to him and made the scrolls(link 2).
After that, she was killed and her scrolls were robbed by them.




MOD????ReanimateUndead.ini ?????????????

set ReanimateUndead.is_japanese to 1



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