HiRez Clutter- Silverware by Saint_Jiub
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Added: 28/03/2013 - 08:22PM
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HiRez Silverware
Author: Saint Jiub

Mod Description
A high resolution retexture for the silverware upper class item set. Textures are no larger than 512x512, so the impact on your FPS should be minimal.

This mod is playable on its own, but for the best effect, it is intended to be used with the meshes from Fearabbit's Better Silverware with the reflections enabled (this is what I am using in my screenshots).

All files go in your Oblivion/Data folder. To uninstall, delete everything in the Data/Textures/Armor/Legion folder.

Please ask for my permission if you want to use this mod for something other than its original use. Or rather, feel free to do what you want with it for your own use, but please send me a PM on the Bethesda forums if you plan on sharing it.