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Added: 28/03/2013 - 06:16PM
Updated: 04/05/2013 - 03:01PM

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Last updated at 15:01, 4 May 2013 Uploaded at 18:16, 28 Mar 2013

Full mod and update v1.31 is the latest.
Fixed a few quest things although not completely since there are quite a few sub quests interwoven in just two main quests. Gave King Rudolph a demotion from the 6th king to the 2nd (for possible lore reasons) but he's got a much nicer throne room now. Added a few doors to buildings in Valenberg so you can't walk through the polygons and get stuck.

Update released with some new content and plenty of new locations, dungeons, towns and more to explore. A few new meshes and textures such as the Washstand that was actually in the original mod archive but I've added it to the update just in case. There is still a lot of empty space in this land, lots of room to expand and if I can continue working on it this mod will be right up there with the DLC mods like Battlehorn Castle and Frostcrag Spire. You will need to extract to a temp folder and copy the files to the appropriate destination, do NOT extract directly to your data folder or you will lose all the original files in those folders.


Valenwood Unleashed v1.1 is here! 289Mb. TONS of new content, armor, clothing, weapons, land and places to explore. Initially created by galejr I have gained his permission to do as I choose with this mod and this is the initial offering.

Borders must be turned off in the .ini file to access this new land.

Fithren, the floating city of magic now has some new rooms, a redesign of the platforms and a teleporter pad on the ground to actually get there. Two bridges have been added to allow all characters, player or NPC to get to and more importantly from, this new land. This is not a separate worldspace but an extension beyond the borders of Tamriel and as such far too many NPCs were actually traveling to the Monastery of Innos and getting trapped there. Pathgrid updates allow them to travel back to Tamriel and do what they are supposed to do. A new dungeon, Valen's Rest has been added to allow you to travel to the plane of Oblivion for hunting, herb gathering etc. Saito's Dojo has been added to allow you to train combat skills although this is not quite finished. Valenburg has not been touched much and unfortunately there is a LOD distant land glitch that I can not get rid of (yet). It was in the original mod and despite my best efforts I can not figure it out. So, turn off Distant Land in your game options if this is annoying (as it is to me) and enjoy the lag inducing waterfall and high res buildings of that city. A later version of this mod will have LOD buildings to reduce render time while traveling near this location.

A new island has been added as well, Hemlock Castle. It does not appear on the map as I inadvertently put it too far west. But, despite not being able to quick travel there via the map there are two ways to reach it. One is a ship docked in Stolica which can be quick traveled to and the other is a secret teleport pad located somewhere in Valenwood. Future versions will have the former owner of the castle return after a long hiatus and battle you for possession of this isolated and cool place. oh and I almost forgot, a pretty maid to keep you private quarters clean.

Original mod Valenwood Unleashed Beta by galejr can be found here: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/37611