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What says on the title, a mod by itself, but most likely a modder's resource

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Dragonfly Wings (Mod/Modder's Resource)

Just what the title says, wearable dragonfly wings, they come in three colors (not much difference cause
its mostly transparent textures, but it still add some tone to them) blue, green and purple
There are versions for amulet and tail
I wish i knew how to make them work, but sadly i do not script.

None at all

Ayelid casket sticked to a wall in the testinghall (one of the walls of the central structure)
just open the console and type in "coc testinhall" without brackets and you're there

Extract contents to Oblivion/Data folder
Activate esp

I started developing these for some custom races of mine, fairies, driads, insects etc...
I would have liked them to work and really let them give your character the ability to fly, but that requires scripts
and im not very familiarized with the art of scripting

I saw a flight script in "Chingari and Ismelda Demon Race" but i need to investigate more

So as it is a mod by itself, this is more like a modder's resource so if you want to use it in any custom race of yours
feel free to do so, but dont forget to credit. I dont mind you using it (in fact i encourage you), as long as you
mention me in the credits cause they costed a lot of work

Same goes for uploading or converting it to work or be somewhere else

-Textures and meshes by me