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Adds unique outfits for the rulers of Cyrodiil.

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One thing I really liked about Skyrim was how the jarls were more than just generic nobles-- one look at them, and you KNEW they were in charge. Trying to capture a small essence of that, I've taken Slof's Victorian Clothes and added them to the counts and countesses of Cyrodiil so that they have a unique appearance rather than wearing standard upperclass clothing.

This download contains just the plugin file, you will need to download the models and textures themselves from AlienSlof's website: http://www.slofslair.co.uk/index.php?page=modarticle&modarticle/id=5sg4ht5v6cw

Obviously, this mod will make less sense if you use the plugin from her mod, since it adds the clothing to various noble NPCs and stores, but they should be compatible.

If you want the clothing for yourself, one of the outfits has been added to Count Goldwyne as well, so just playing the main quest as normal will give you access to it.

AlienSlof for the original Victorian Clothes mod and for giving me permission to use the files.
Bethesda for Oblivion

You can do whatever you want with this plugin, but the models and textures remain the property of AlienSlof and any usage of those will have to be taken up with her.