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Added: 19/03/2013 - 07:20PM
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- Description
This is a simple replacer for the original Steel Shield. This one will replace it with a custom textured Mithril Shield. I tried my best to make the textures look compatible with Steel armour, but I am no expert, so excuse me if it looks rather bad for you. Also, I used InsanitySorrow's Mithril Shield's texture and normal map, so it should be of high quality as well.

I am very sure there will be 0 FPS drop, but if you do have some drops, that must be a very bad computer. Though, if there is a lot of demand, I will make one with the vanilla textures.

And yes, compatible with "Shield on Back"! Get it here; http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/20572 You just follow the instructions given in that mod, and when you're done, download this one and replace it.

- Requirements
Nothing is required, except the "Shields on Back" mod in case you want to have this shield on your back.

- Installation
To install it, simply extract the "Data" folder to "Oblivion", if it asks to "Confirm", do so.

- Incompatibilities
This mod is incompatible with anything that changes the mesh or texture of the Steel Shield.

It is compatible with Mithril textures, since you can pretty much put the Mithril texture into the Steel directory and it will work.

And, guess what? It IS compatible with "Shields on Back" ;)

- Credits
Bethesda for making Oblivion and the original Mesh and Textures
InsanitySorrow for the texture and normal map
Vilman for his continuation on "Shields on Back" and "1HWeaponOnBack"

- Terms of Use
You're free to use this however you want, as long as you credit me and the others.