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Warehouse for sale! This mods adds a purchasable Warehouse in the IC Waterfront district. It\'s a bit of a fixer upper, but once refurbished it offers a ton of storage. There is also a bed available in the basement, so it can serve as a home base.

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This mod adds a purchasable Warehouse in the IC Waterfront District. While nominally set up as a player home, this mod is mostly intended for bulk storage. It's meant for players, like myself, who have a tendency to pick up anything and everything not nailed down while raiding dungeons. Or for those who like the idea that a veteran adventurer has enough weapons and armour laying about to equip a small army.

After finishing the main quest (while using mods that severely increased the number of Dremora running about) I was practically swimming in Dremora equipment. When my actual player home was starting to resemble a warehouse (via using the placeable chests from Imperial Furniture) I decided to get a real warehouse for my character. The idea for a Warehouse mod is not exactly unique, and there are several similar mods available on the Nexus. However, none of them quite matched my needs, so I ended up doing my own.

The property has been set up in similar fashion to other purchasable houses in Oblivion and has it's own quest, and does count toward the number of properties owned. The gold numbers involved are... well they are sensible to my Oblivion build. I suppose they are high compared to Vanilla prices. If you don't like them, feel free to change them in your game.

This mod is not my first mod, nor is it even the first mod featuring my work that is available here on the Nexus, but it is the first mod that I uploaded here. Since I am new to the experience, I am updating this entry bit by bit as I figure things out and find out what is actually useful info to include. I will also be adding more images, and post a mini walkthrough to highlight how things work in the mod.

This mod contains a lot of dialogue, so Ely's Universal Silent Voice is a must, as is naturally OBSE. I don't think I used any functions from OBSE though, so the version of OBSE is not important. As long as it can run the Silent Voice plugin, it should be fine. You can get them here:

Oblivion Script Extender ( http://obse.silverlock.org/ )
Elys Universal Silent Voice ( http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16622 )

This mod is Better Cities compatible. The Warehouse is situated on a spot that is left vacant by both the Vanilla game as well as Better Cities. Since I do not edit any of the other IC districts, I don't think load order matters with this mod.

The mod should actually be pretty much compatible with anything. Except, obviously, any mod that also uses the space where I placed the warehouse. Wich includes at least, one other warehouse mod.

This mod uses mostly Vanilla resources (there are only three custom meshes), thus any mod, that alters the values of Vanilla Objects, will naturally have an impact on this mod - i.e. any mod that alters things like lights or furniture or statics.

The mod does add a bunch of dialogue to 3 npc:s. (Vinicia Melissaeia, Damian Magius and Sergius Verus) They are integral for the completion of the quest, but I decided not to make them essential or anything. No vanilla lines of dialogue were altered so the mod should not conflict with anything, but should those three be dead, or missing for some reason, then this mod will not function properly.

The mod has been cleaned with TES4Edit (in fact, at least 35% of it was constructed with TES4Edit) and does not touch anything but the stuff that it was intended to modify. And even that is not a whole lot. It just moves some rocks in the Waterfront District that were in the way. Everything else is a new record. It also contains no pointless clutter. Every entry has a reason for existing.

Q: How do I start the quest?
A: You can buy the Warehouse from Vinicia Melissaeia from the Office of Imperial Commerce in the IC Market District. You will also trigger the quest if you walk by the warehouse and click on the "For Sale" sign outside it.

Q:The Warehouse has no chests and is full of broken crap and trash! And there are cobwebs everywhere!!
A:As noted by the ingame dialogue, the place is a fixer upper. Before purchasing shelves and chests, you need to clean the place up. All the broken stuff are activators that can be used to disable them. The cobwebs can be cleaned as well. However, the activator for them, is actually an invisible collision box placed to the side of each particular web. You might need to hunt for them a bit. If people will have difficulties in finding them, I'll upload some images that show where they are. The rest of the trash is just that. Trash. Misc items that are worthless. Mixed with all the crap are some actual items. And there are few hidden assets among the crap as well.

Q:What's the deal with the trashed cobwebs and all these planks? And what's Damian talking about donating them to the poor?
A:The cobwebs are trash, plain and simple. Feel free to dispose of them in whatever manner you wish. The planks were intended for a simple subquest. The idea was that you could dump them to someone living in the shacks. This would have added a non-displayed faction to the player that would have modified relations with people living in the shacks. The problem with this was that the poor folk living in the shacks are woefully underdeveloped in the Vanilla game. There really isn't any suitable Vanilla NPC in the game to act as a spokesperson for the poor downtrodden folk living in the slum. And I didn't feel like trying to add one either, so the idea ended up being discarded.

Q: What's the deal with the basement?
A; There really isn't any. I had some ideas for it, but never got around implementing them. I thought about setting up a vault there, and toyed with the idea of hiring a live in guard. But in the end I've used it for sleeping (since I use survival mods) whenever I am working down there. I also used the Imperial Furniture shop mod to add some placeable furniture there. At the moment I am thinking about adding an NPC you can hire to act as your warehouse manager, but I don't know whether or not I will actually do that.

Q:Is this place companion friendly?
A::Depends on what companion mod you are using. I use mostly CM partners, and the place should be CM partners friendly, in as much that the chairs in the place are persistent references, so they can use them to sit. The place is also fully pathgridded. But since the grid is for the fuly furbished version, NPC's may select wonky routes in the place if it's empty.

Q:Where is the Map Marker for the place?
A:There is none. I seldom use fast travel, so I don't need it. Also the places around the Warehouse have plenty of Map Markers already and I didn't want to add to map clutter.

Q: What's this "Itsy Bitsy Spider" thing?
A: It's an invisible activator that re-enables any disabled cobwebs in the Warehouse. It's something I added cause I liked the way those cobwebs look. Sometimes, especially if a long time has passed since my last visit, I turn them back on. Gives the place more of a warehouse ambiance. Do note that you can always just clean them up again.