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This mod makes all the world's prisons waste money on the same faulty,
worthless Wrist Irons employed by the Imperial Prison at the start of
the game. Well, sorta.

Whenever you are sent to jail, you are equipped with a set of
"Shackles", which are functionally identical to the regular game's
Wrist Irons.


OBSE v0020 or higher


Included in this package are two versions of PWI - the normal version
and a version specifically for players with an alternate mesh that
makes the Wrist Irons look different on female characters called the
FBM (Female Body Mesh) version. The FBM version is mostly necessary
for players using HGEC, TGND, and so forth, and will result in hand
amputations if used without a proper mesh.

Installation is simple enough:
1: Unzip the downloaded file
2: Navigate to either the PWI Normal or PWI FBM folder
3: Drag-and-drop Prisoner Wrist Irons.esp to your Oblivion/Data folder
4: Enable the .esp from the Launcher's Data Files option

If the Shackles look strange on your female character, you probably
need the other version of the file. Fortunately, you can just
overwrite your existing version with the other one without losing any
Shackles you already have.

Note that the Wrist Irons (and by extension the Shackles) will always
look a little strange in an unmodified installation of Oblivion due to
the lack of a separate mesh for female characters. This means that
equipping the Wrist Irons/Shackles will give any female character "man
hands" under normal circumstances.


I've always thought it was strange that being sent to jail gave you a
complete set of clothing visually identical to what you began the game
with... except without the Wrist Irons. Since Wrist Irons are the only
"cloth" hand equipment in the game, having them be extremely rare is
pretty inconvenient.

A quick search didn't come up with any mods that fixed that, at least
not without adding other features I didn't want. Since I wanted to
learn how to use Oblivion's Construction Set anyways, this seemed like
a decent enough starter project.

Known Bugs and Limitations

Rather than add Wrist Irons to the player's inventory, it instead adds
a functionally identical set of "Shackles". This is due to a bug where
adding actual Wrist Irons would occasionally have them disappear later
for some reason I never quite figured out.

While this has the advantage of making the mod not have Oblivion.esm
as a requirement, it also means that all instances of the Shackles are
removed from your inventory any time you deactivate the mod.

Additionally, this mod might cause a slight performance decrease; this
should be largely unnoticeable, but it can contribute to your problem
if you are already running numerous mods that run scripts constantly.


PWI should be compatible with just about anything - it does not depend
on Oblivion.esm, so it should even be compatible with full world
modifications. It does not alter any existing objects or scripts, so
it shouldn't run into any compatibility issues, even with added
prisons or changes to the Wrist Irons item.

The FBM version will only be compatible with mods that add a female
mesh for Wrist Irons where it belongs, and will not work properly if
it also adds a separate icon/world model (since FBM continues to use
the male model for those). This shouldn't be an issue for 99.99% of
users, but it deserves mention.

If the player enters jail through a non-conventional method (or exits
jail without clearing the "in Jail" flag somehow), the script won't
work... but then again you won't be triggering the normal jailing
procedure anyways.

Disclaimer and Legal

This mod is provided "as is", with no guarantee given or implied. If
you somehow manage to mess something up with this Mod, I'll feel bad
for you, but can't do anything about it.

This mod may be used, updated, or fixed for any purpose without prior
consent with two restrictions:

1) If this mod is used or adapted in any form, it must include some
sort of credit stating that I, "spweasel" (no capitalization), was
the original creator of this mod.

2) This mod may not be sold individually or as part of a collection,
nor may anything that uses code taken from this mod. This mod and any
mods that use code taken from it may not be hosted on any website
that requires payment in order to access the file.