Skingrad Armory-The Secret Forge by Euripedus
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Added: 16/02/2013 - 08:02AM
Updated: 28/03/2013 - 08:10PM

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Last updated at 20:10, 28 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 8:02, 16 Feb 2013

UPDATED 03/28/2013 v1.4

Addendum: Skingrad Armory v1.4 by Euripedus 02/16/2013

BLACK DRAGON IMPERIAL ARMOR now finished and working. See images.

Funny Merchant renamed and made into total vendor/trainer NPC.
NPC AI wander changed so she doesn't get lost or disappear.
Secret Forge added to HUGE room at end of long hallway.
Spellcasting altar added.
Enchantment altar added.
Dragon Champion Helm added.
Black Dragon Imperial Armor added. Heavy armor.
Mythic Dawn Armor added. This is light armor class.
Legendary Akaviri Katana added. This is a high damage one handed sword. It will increase with your level.
Various clothing items such as the Bronze Longcoat from the Valenwood Unleashed mod. Very stylish.

Modification to Cyrodil Helmet included (texture to cheek guards added). BTW this does not affect the Cyrodil Armor and Sword mod in any way. This a separate object.
Various furniture items and storage including bookshelves and wine racks that can be filled using the AutoBookPlacer.esp mod.
Some objects require Shivering Isles Expansion.
Secret Forge added.
Doors to Testing Hall, Hawkhaven and Weynon Priory added allowing you to get to the dev area easily without console teleport commands.
Crime Warehouse (Hawkhaven) expanded slightly with armor/weapons in the Evidence chest. Future version will have quests for the weapons and armor I am working on. Be prepared to fight your way into and back out of prison for the loot! One word of warning though, some quest items were made playable with this mod, others were remade into new formIDs so as not to affect quests. This means that some of the quest items (mostly weapons and armor) can be DROPPED or SOLD!

Also I have left the last version up for download mostly for your information. If you do not have this mod yet, please read both descriptions for beneficial info. Enjoy!

Funny Room by Madman123456

Description (english):
This Mod adds a trap Door to a useful Room to the Skingrad Rosethornhall Basement.
This Room Contains:

A merchant who will sell you some Master Spells and also a Teleport spell which will bring you back to her no matter where you are and two Spells to control the Weather, clear sky and Oblivion sky.

Also there is a cuboard with Superweapons, a Longsword, a War Axe and a Bow.
Next to it you'll find a button which will get you some nice arrows for the Bows.

Beschreibung (deutsch):

Dieses Mod fürgt dem Keller des kaufbaren Hauses in Skingrad einen nützlichen Raum hinzu, welcher folgendes enthält:

Eine Händlerin verkauft einige der bestmöglichen Zauber und dann noch welche die ich selbst gemacht hab, zwei zur Kontrolle des Wetters, klarer Himmel und den Oblivion Himmel gibts zur Auswahl.
Ausserdem gibts einen "Nachhause" Teleport, welchen einen zum Händler teleportiert.

Ausserdem gibts noch einen Schrank mit Superwaffen, einem Langschwert, einem Beil und einem Bogen.
Neben dem Schrank findet sich ein Knopf der für Pfeile sorgt.