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A TARDIS mobile home for Oblivion, as seen in the Doctor Who TV series. Expanded and considerably reworked from Drekmoor's last TARDIS beta. This is not dependent on any other mods.

Permissions and credits
TARDIS by Eolhin: Time And Relative Dimensions In Space 6.0
Cleaned with TES4Edit

This is a TARDIS (as seen in the Doctor Who series), a mobile home for Oblivion based on the TARDIS from Doctor Who with 93 different preset locations and four user programable ones to travel to.
Once the mod is installed, the TARDIS can be found near the entrance to the Palace in the center of the Imperial City. There is a picture of its initial position posted with this mod.

This is built on Drekmoor’s 5.1 beta, which has been fixed, expanded, and rebuilt in places, but should still be recognizable to those that used that version before.

I added a lot of content, and changed where some of the doors lead to, so a complete exploration of the inside of the TARDIS is in order. I added some shortcuts, for those that don’t like running down long corridors, but the shortcuts have their own quirks, as you will discover. There are a lot more doors, and a lot more interlinkage between areas now.

The Alchemy area has been consolidated (putting the sorter with the alchemy apparatus and tables), and upgraded some, including a bedroll for those that like to nap wile working on big projects. Containers in the Workrooms do not respawn and are safe for character storage.

Have a look at the garden (when you find it). Saying anything more would be spoilers. :) Be sure to really explore there. Watch the Dawn.

Read the scattered notes.

Sonic Screwdrivers are now included, in several versions, and have been scattered through the TARDIS. They need to be aimed at a detectable target to function properly.

None of the wall-casks respawn anywhere, and so all of them are safe for storage, providing a LOT of storage in this mod.
Barrels and cabinets in the Galley now DO respawn and are NOT safe for character storage. I figured that the food supply in the TARDIS was something that should respawn.

I gave in, and applied path grids to the Master Bedroom, yes, even the spiral stairs, however, while I have attempted to idiot-proof the platforms in the Master Bedroom to prevent accidental death, if you are determined, or if you leave companions there too long, there is still a chance that falling to your death can happen. I did not pathgrid the Rift Energy Generator (Regeneration Room), as taking your companions in there is just asking for trouble, the entire lower floor is a killbox. The Gardens have now also been pathgrided, but I am dubious as to how well that will work with all the various levels there, and the ladders.

I don’t know how the transmat will work with companions. I don’t have companions, so I haven’t tested it.

For those waiting for the ingredients to respawn in the gardens, don’t use the transmat beyond the Infirmary, or you will keep entering the garden.

Go, explore, saying anything more would be spoilers.

This mod will probably not be that fun if you do not know anything about the Doctor Who TV show, so I suggest you look it up.

Additional content:

I have included an alternative esp file that does not include normal regeneration for those using alternative death handling, or who don't like it for some other reason. This should be more compatible with a number of mods that handle death, or boost stats. You can still regenerate intentionally in the Rift Generator room, but you can also choose not to. See the readme included with it for further description and installation instructions. The main TARDIS file is still required because you need the meshes, textures, and sounds from it.
Thanks to YX33A at TESNexus for suggesting this.

I have included an alternative esp file that does not include the possible stats boost that the other one does, at least nothing intentional. See the readme included with it for further description and installation instructions. The main TARDIS file is still required.

I have also included a set of alternative TARDIS Shell nifs, packaged in such a way that (hopefully) they should be fairly easy to install. There are two images comparing the various shells in the images section, and more individual images in the download, along with a readme with installation instructions. The main TARDIS file is still required.

Extract to: ...Oblivion/Data
Overwrite when prompted.
Activate: TARDIS by Eolhin.esp

Once the mod is installed, the TARDIS can be found near the entrance to the Palace in the center of the Imperial City. There is a picture of its initial position posted with this mod.
Will not work with other TARDIS mods, see Compatibility.

If you somehow manage to lose the TARDIS (or can't find it in the first place), and also lose the TARDIS Relocate Here and TARDIS Emergency Teleport spells, then do this to get in:open console '~' and then enter: 'coc AascTARDISControlRoom' and press enter.
Note: Do not try to use the Emergency button when you aren't crashed, or after the crash has been resolved. It turns out that one line is missing from the script that would disable that after the crash. I will put out updated files fixing this (done), but people already playing the mod don't have to update if they don't want to, as long as they don't use that button after the emergency is over. If you have already done so, the console commands to get you unstuck are:
set TARDIS to 0
set TARDISEmergency to 0
Then close the console, and try dematerializing again.

Delete all TARDIS files and all AGC-TARDIS files and folders.
It is a good idea to keep a separate copy of every mod you install, so that if you want to remove the files that came with it, you can look up what needs to be removed. The file naming convention is not entirely consistent in this mod, as so many people have contributed to it over time.

This mod was made without any script extension programs and does as such need nothing to work
Only requirement is Oblivion with the 1.2.0416 patch (latest patch).
Shivering Isles is, however, recommended, as my construction set has that included. I have tried to avoid dependency on that, but I am not sure that I entirely succeeded.


I had to make some major changes, so this version is NOT compatible with previous versions of the TARDIS. Remove everything you have stored in any previous TARDIS, uninstall it, save, then install this mod overwriting where prompted.

Do NOT use the old “regeneration fix” that can be found on the Oblivion Nexus, that was meant for an old version of Drekmoor’s TARDIS (version 3.2). If you use it, it will severely break regeneration, and cause all sorts of things to trigger it.

This mod is currently NOT compatible with Open Cities, Kvatch Rebuilt, or anything else that makes major changes to the destinations the TARDIS is programmed to go to. The incompatibility with Kvatch Rebuilt is fairly easy to avoid, and shouldn’t be critical, if you want to try running them together. There may be clipping with the TARDIS exterior, if any other mod has made significant changes to the landing sites. It has a small incompatibility with 'Clocks of Cyrodiil', but nothing major, just that the TARDIS might materialize around one of the clocks in Bruma at the chapel.

This mod (the main esp) is also currently NOT compatible with Galerion Leveling, and may also have problems with other mods that alter the way that leveling occurs. However, using the alternate No Regeneration esp should avoid the conflict.

This should only require Vanilla Oblivion, I tried hard to make sure that nothing from Shivering Isles was used, without being included in the files of the mod, but my Construction Set includes SI, so tell me if anything is missing and I will fix it. If you have SI, you might as well turn it on, as that would avoid any potential difficulties there. There are no programmed landing sites in the Shivering Isles.

Flight Controls/Navigation, becoming a pilot:

This TARDIS is set up to react to different control input. Depending on which controls you choose to activate the TARDIS will materialize in different parts of Cyrodiil. E.g. in 7(+/-) different locations of each of the nine cities, at deadric shrines, at wayshrines, in cloud Ruler Temple plus a lot more.

All the controls are at first locked. You need to activate a console in the Auxiliary control room to add your character as a pilot for the TARDIS to fly. Being added as a pilot also changes a few other things which I've chosen to list in the spoilers section, or leave you to find on your own.
Current location of Auxiliary control room from the active control room door: Left, Left, Right, Strait on, Right, Left, through marked door.

Once you are a pilot you can dematerialize the TARDIS and then select either, a city or a direction north, south, east or west. Alternatively you can play around with the time circuit. Personally I find this the most useful if I'm a vampire.
Once a city or a world corner has been selected, you can choose either you specific destination, in the city or somewhere in the worldspace of Cyrodiil.

The n, s, e and w settings are a bit complicated to use since they are only marked in numbers, where as the city options have descriptive names.
If however you read through the manual on the table next to the main door there is a list of the different combinations and where they'll take you.

If your initial choice was to activate the compass directions (either using the buttons on the console map, or using the Coordinate Rectifier in CR3) you should now choose one of the seven other controls labeled Army (1), Inn (2), Unknown (Orbit (3), Black (4), Dark (5), Dead (6), Mad (7)). (Note that these numbers are not the ones on the number selection console, which is separate.) These locations are generally outside of the cities. The majority of the locations indicated by buttons 3 through 7 on that console are shrines.

1: Cloud Ruler Temple
2: Roxey Inn
3: Hermaeus Mora Shrine
4: Vaermina Shrine
5: Azura Shrine
6: Mephala Shrine
7: Namira Shrine

1: Hall of the Thorn
2: Inn of Ill Omen
3: Boethia Shrine
4: Witches of Drakelowe
5: Dark Fissure
6: Hircine Shrine
7: Peryite Shrine

1: Lodge of the White Stallion<
2: Imperial Bridge Inn
3: Cadlew Chapel
4: Mouth of the Panther
5: Nocturnal Shrine
6: Bawnwatch
7: Sheogorath Shrine

1: Battlefield of Kvatch
2: Gottshaw Inn
3: Malacath Shrine
4: Clavicus Vile Shrine
5: Molag Bal Shrine
6: Meridia Shrine
7: Sanguine Shrine

If your initial choice was to activate a city (either using the buttons on the map corresponding to each city, or using the keyboard on the console in CR3) head to the console to the right of the city-selection console.
There you may select from: Wayshrine, House, Enlightenment (Guilds), Trade, Center, Authorities (Castle), Worship (Temple).
These are mostly destinations inside the cities, with the exception of the wayshrines. Some locations, like the house, are interior.

Wayshrine: will take you to one of the nine wayshrines of the nine.

House: The player ownable house in that city, usually the inside of it.

Enlightenment: will take you either to the guilds or to the Arcane University.

Trade: will take you to a place of commerce most often of a general nature.

Centre: will take you to the center of the town or city.

Authorities: will most often take you to one of the castles or the imperial prison.

Worship: will take you to the central temple of that city.

I (Eolhin) added to this a Coordinate Randomizer (Tom Baker/4th Doctor era). You would dematerialize, then hit the button, and you might end up at any of the possible locations. Using this also greatly increases the odds of a crash occurring, so if you want to experience that, the fastest way is to turn off the Helmic Regulator, and use the coordinate randomizer repeatedly.

The TARDIS also has a few optional features which can be turned on and off at will.
Buttons that changes preferences:
- Blue stabilizers
- Helmic Regulator
- Handbrake
- Control Room theme selection (changing between control rooms)

The Blue Stabilizers control the 'Shudder effect', which is the players view being rattled whenever a flight control is set.
Also, if the blue stabilizers are off, while in flight, random shudders might occur at different uncorrelated time intervals as you would expect in the real TARDIS.

The Helmic Regulator, inspired by atlantiantokradesu on the nexus forum. The background information on this item is that it levels out fluctuations in the TARDIS time/space travel capabilities and makes the positioning more accurate as opposed to being completely random and never being able to land in its designated destination.
How it works ingame: If disabled the TARDIS will most often still land where you choose, but occasionally it will take you somewhere completely different. It's about 9/10 of getting you to the right place but it varies from each destination.
The Helmic Regulator has one additional effect listed in the spoilers section, but if you want the full experience of this effect you should instead just play with the Helmic Regulator off and see what happens, though it should be said that there is a very low probability of the special event occurring so you might have to play with the setting off for a while.

The Handbrake simply switches off the TARDIS flight sound and enables it again.
Someone on the forum found the noise to be somewhat annoying at times, so Drekmoor made it optional.

The TARDIS comes with three different but similar control rooms, referred to as desktop themes. The standard theme is the one designed by Murfy27, for his original TARDIS mobile home, however somewhat modified by both Drekmoor and I (Eolhin). The second theme was made by Drekmoor, inspired by Murfy27, and redecorated by me (Eolhin).
The third control room was designed by Graelthrimm, where the perhaps most notable difference is that most of the controls are now levers and switches and other stuff, other than those lame buttons you will find in the other two control rooms. (I added some of the buttons back in, for ease of navigation, but the other controls are still there and functional.) I redesigned the outer shell of that control room to look more like the coral theme, but I included a button to set the shell and struts back to the ones that Graelthrimm originally used, a more metallic theme. In that control room the different controls are a bit more spread out and randomly placed, in order to more accurately depict the actual DW TARDIS.

The themes can be changed from the Auxiliary Control Room. Any items or characters left in a control room when the desktop theme is changed will be stored there. It is generally suggested that players don't switch between control rooms all the time, mainly because this might effect some of the controls in the GT control room that might cause minor problems. (I think I weeded those problems out, but one can never be sure…)

All in all, the TARDIS was made according to a very simple concept, that players want to be able to go anywhere in their TARDIS, and that different people have different preferences, such as landing positions, interior decorating and control behaviors.
In this mod, the player isn't bound by one specific layout for the entire mod, prespecified by the author. I have personal preferences but I have never let that come in the way of how the mod should progress. Any suggestions are welcome, but only few are ever implemented, either because of my own lack of expertise, or because some of your requests are plainly impossible :-)

Remember to pick up the TARDIS locater device on the table next to the entrance. Press it in your misc inventory and notice the text, which will appear in the top left corner of the screen (unless you have changed that).


Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Kvatch, Leyawiin and Skingrad castles
Near the guilds in all the cities
In each of the chapels and temples in the cities
In the player owned house in: Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Waterfront District, Leyawiin and Rosethorn Hall in Skingrad

On the docks, in Lelles Quality Merchandise and near Benirus Manor.
Near the Lucky Old Lady and in the Fair Deal.
Near the main entrance and in the Jerall View Inn.
Near the chapel and in Borba's Goods and Stores.
Near the main entrance and in the Oak and Crosier Tavern.
The Imperial City:
Near the Imperial prison, near the Arcane university, near the Imperial Palace (start location), near the Temple of the One and in the Market District.
In the ruined castle, near the destroyed guilds (right next to the chapel), in the plaza, in a building next to the chapel (might not want to go here, might be difficult to reach), and then one
in the refugee camp (the one called 'House').
Near Rosentia Gallenus's house, in Best Goods and Guaranties.
Near Rosethorn Hall and in the West Weald Inn.

Anvil - Arkay (-45,0)
Bravil - Zenithar (16,-5)
Bruma - Akatosh (5,32)
Cheydinhal - Julianos (32,27)
Chorrol - Dibella (-15,18)
IC - Stendarr (13,16)
Kvatch - Tiber Septim (-26,0)
Leyawiin - Mara (29,-27)
Skingrad - Kynareth (-13,0)

For the n, s, e and w directions, use the ingame manual or see above.

Known issues (may include spoilers):

- The TARDIS doesn't always materialize the TARDIS when using the personal locations or the retrace function. Main reason: If a cell isn't properly loaded it doesn't know where to send the TARDIS or it can't find it.
If anyone knows a way to load the cell in advance of the player actually being in the cell, please tell me so I can fix this very annoying issue.

Related to that, when using the spell TARDIS Relocate Here, the TARDIS will start to appear around you, then you will be transported to the control room. You may exit the doors to get back out. This was done because sometimes the TARDIS shell does not show up at user-designated locations, such as for Relocate Here, and the Presets. There is also an emergency teleport spell (and device) to use under those conditions.

-The prisoner spell doesn't accept a reference I tried to call and I don't want to use OBSE so instead of sending prisoners to unoccupied cells it sends them to whatever cell is next on the list in a continuous order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4...
However, Oblivion will try to configure the optimal pattern for NPC's as to avoid any clipping errors and other collisions, so best not to have too many prisoners at any one time. If you add too many, they might escape, or have other issues occur, especially as violent creatures might kill innocent NPCs if they end up in the same cell.

The holding cells all have manual locks, but when using the prisoner spell there is a small chance of the prisoners ending up outside the containment area. Therefore there is now also an automatic lock to prevent any prisoners from mounting a surprise attack… hopefully.

-Upon first time activation, rarely, the TARDIS might not be in the IC; fix: open console '~' and then enter: 'coc AascTARDISControlRoom'

-The companions may be stuck in the control rooms, even though I did pathgrid all the areas, because of how one of the doors works. Easiest way to fix this is to use OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender).

The TARDIS door, like the real TARDIS is impossible to force open, meaning no companions, no monsters, and no guards. Using script extender it might be possible to have companions but I haven't tested this. So, for companions to enter and exit, use the Companion spell.

(spoiler alert) - If you encounter a crash when regenerating, especially in the Rift Chamber/Regeneration Room, make sure you are not wearing any headgear, as the character generation process does not like that. Usually, it just forces removal of hoods, etc, but under certain conditions, which I haven’t been able to track down, that doesn’t work. I tried to figure out how to remove any clothing/armor from a specific body part, but all the solutions I have found require calling for the removal of a specific known object, rather then anything occupying that slot. Hopefully, most people won’t have this problem, as my testers did not encounter it.

Spoilers and solutions to problems (FAQ):
If you like to discover fun things on your own, don’t read on, or only read the parts you need to, to solve a specific problem.

- Notes in the TARDIS:
None of the notes are actually important, so if you knock one off the wall and lose it, don’t worry. They are there for color and as explanations of some of the less explicable things in the TARDIS. But you might find them amusing.

- Emergency Teleportation. Presets, and the TARDIS shell vanishing:
There are both a spell, and a device (cube) that should transport you into the control room from just about anywhere, in case the shell of the TARDIS vanishes, as can happen when using the Presets, and the TARDIS Relocate Here spell. The shell vanishing is a known issue, and no one has had any luck yet resolving that, but it should not happen with the pre-programed TARDIS destinations, so once you are back inside, send the TARDIS to one of those. After traveling around a bit, the presets may start working again, and you can usually use them as exit points in any case, but don’t depend on them. There are some places the TARDIS just doesn’t like to go. If you just want a cool screen shot with the TARDIS shell in a particular place, you can also use the TARDIS Decoy for that purpose. It is found in the Work Rooms.

- Regeneration:
No, regeneration does not work 100% of the time, if something kills you in one blow, or such, the death script will kick in before the TARDIS scripts have a chance to save you. This is however true to cannon, as regeneration does not always work. It is an iffy business, even in the series. So of you get really low on hit points, run away. And save frequently just as if you couldn’t regenerate. Also, each control room gives a different regeneration experience, and there is also the Rift Energy Generator (Regeneration Room). Yes, your stats may change a bit, and any progress to the next level in a skill is lost. You just died and became a different person, so that isn’t unreasonable. (See more on that bellow.)
After regeneration, check that you still have all the TARDIS spells, as some of them can vanish. If they have gone, all you have to do is press the pilot selection button in the Auxiliary control room again, and it will add the spells back.
If you have a crash when regenerating (as mentioned above), try removing any head gear. The character creation process doesn’t always work with that.
Due to some odd quirks with the way certain functions work in Oblivion, it is prohibitively difficult to set your stats back to exactly what they were before. Good thing that is consistent with cannon. I have done the best I can, but if you regenerate with permanent boosts of a certain type (such as abilities) on any of your main stats, that boost may be added again with each regeneration. If, for instance, you have the Warrior birthsign, you could gain an additional 10 points to strength and endurance with each regeneration. That may sound cool, but it becomes unbalancing rather quickly. If it was only one stat, or one cause, I could compensate for it (and I have, with the four birthsigns that have that effect), but what with custom abilities from other mods, etc, that becomes really challenging. There is a similar, but different problem with Health and Magica. The value that the game gives to the script when it calls for the base value of those, when written back to those stats, does not result in the same stat that you originally had, as they are partially calculated from your other stats. I have tried to compensate for this to prevent ludicrous gains after several regenerations. Of note to people using an AV uncaper, I have capped the base value of the 8 main stats at 200. There is a very important reason for this, as when a stat is raised above 255, it wraps back around to 0, and counts up from there. So your strength can suddenly go from 252 to 6 or some such. Not desirable.
I have intentionally set a small increase in a few stats on your first regeneration, but not after that, and I am including a few point increase in health and magica with each regeneration. It shouldn’t be enough to be unbalancing though.
The bottom line is, your character’s stats may copy over just fine, try it. If you don’t like it then:
A. Try the alternate esp file with no intentional stat increase that I intend to provide.
B. Remove any and all spells, abilities, and clothing that you can that adds to your stats before regeneration (not always practical, obviously);
C. Don’t use regeneration. When it happens, have fun with the experience, but restore to a point before it happened afterwards, just as if you had died normally and had to restore.
D. Keep track of your stats as you advance levels, so that you can go back in and use the console to manually reset any stats that are too far off after you have regenerated. Then check and make sure that the stat actually went where you told it to go. Due to the issues mentioned above, you may have to tweak the number that you put in to get back to the number that you had before regeneration.
And before you ask, if there is a major problem, I will of course try to fix it, but I can’t re-write the scripts for every person who wants a certain adjustment to attributes with regeneration. I do plan to make a version with no purposeful stat increase at all. I will, however, be glad to write something up, if it is wanted, telling other modders what scripts to access in the CS to make modifications to those equations yourself.

- Sonic Screwdrivers:
There are five different versions, probably of varying usefulness, though all of them should unlock things as if you were the owner. While the screwdriver will unlock even needs-a-key locks, that can result in certain quests being broken, and related problems, so think before you use it, unless you just don’t care, of course, and are just unlocking everything for the hell of it, which can be fun.
The Sonic Screwdrivers only make the sound when aimed at a detectable target, as in something that would give you an identifier if you put the crosshairs on it.It has to be something that can open (like a container, or door), or an actor.
There is one that was made to look like the Tissue Conpression Eliminator, and another made to look like the Laser Screwdriver, the tools of the Master.

Screwdriver effects by color:
I have created a number of sonic screwdrivers, which are scattered through the TARDIS in various obscure corners for the player to find. The two shelves in the Infirmary are locked, so as long as you DON’T become a pilot/join the TARDIS faction, you will be able to use those for practice with the screwdrivers. Once you become a pilot, you won’t see that they are locked, a quirk of the game. (The Black and yellow screwdrivers are counted as aggressive, be careful who you cast them at.)

Old Red: Open as owner, if target is locked, casts calm if the target is aggressive and can detect the player, or casts charm on target if the target is a non-aggressive NPC or creature.

Blue: Open as owner, if target is locked, otherwise gives detect life ability to the player. (The ability can be toggled off by sheathing the screwdriver, or unequipping it, so you have to have that SS in hand to use the ability, which is only reasonable.)

Green: Open as owner, if target is locked, otherwise casts a light spell on the player. (The light can be toggled off by sheathing the screwdriver, or unequipping it, so you have to have that SS in hand to use the light.)

I can’t create a "tissue compression eliminator", unfortunately, at least not without very considerable effort, so I am doing the next best thing, and creating a tool that duplicates one of the Master’s favorite tactics, hypnotic control, or a version there of. As a second option for more aggressive time lords, I am creating a version that can paralyze creatures, and disintegrate armor and weapons. Yes, I could have created one that killed instantly in one shot, that wouldn’t be difficult to script, but that would be rather overpowering and unbalancing, even for this mod. I wouldn’t call either of these two options “evil”, as neither of them is inherently violent, but both do count as an attack, if used on an actor (creature or NPC).

Black: Open as owner, if target is locked, otherwise casts command creature if target is a creature, and command humanoid if target is a humanoid.(Tissue Compression Eliminator)

Yellow: Open as owner, if target is locked, otherwise casts paralyze on creatures and casts disintegrate armor and weapons on humanoids.

- Transmat sequence:
Across from control room (Living Area) -->
Dispplay Room (Living Area) -->
Guest Rooms -->
Galley -->
Infirmary -->
Garden -->
Work Rooms -->
Grand Library -->
Main Bedroom -->
back to top of list

There is also a transmat in the wet library that leads to the Old Corridors, one way.

Odd Doors lead to any one of 21 destinations inside the TARDIS, randomly, no consistent pattern, no way to return quickly (for most of them).
There are three such doors, and they can link to each other, as they are on the random list.

- Crashes/Collisions:
There are two such scenarios, each with different solutions.

In case of collision/TARDIS-in-TARDIS crash, after you are done going out one door only to come in another, use the Quantun Disentangler (a set of gold colored levers on the control panel in CR1 and CR3 and half hidden in the curtained alcove with the chest in CR2).

In case of the power failure/Oblivion Gate crash, the solution is a bit more complicated. Look around the darkened control room, and find the TARDIS spark, a glowing crystal that should be somewhere on the floor (in the under-area of CR3). Pick it up. As it tells you, you have to wait 6 hours (in game, not real time) for the spark to charge up, and you have to actually be doing something, not using the wait or sleep function. This is a good time to go outside and look at the damage, then come back in. Explore the TARDIS a bit. If you want to leave it, use the Emergency Temporal Shift button in the Auxiliary control room to move the TARDIS to the IC. The spark will give you a message when it is charged up. If you are afraid you missed the message, just look at the spark, and it will tell you if it is uncharged, or charged. As it tells you, you now have to take it to the Eye Of Harmony cask in the center of the Auxiliary control room. Just trigger the cask, it will take the spark automatically. The TARDIS should then power back up.

- Base Jumping in Master Bedroom:
Yes, I tried to install momentum arresting fields above all surfaces that you can land on in there. It may not be 100%, but it should be close. I got tired of falling off platforms just because I was running, and getting injured. So you can now go up to the top platform, and leap down. It is something of a rush to do so. I don’t know if the fields will work on companions though, so… it could be quite hazardous for them, if you can even get them in there.


Drekmoor, from whom I inherited the TARDIS mod, and who put a great deal of work into it, especially extensive scripting. Parts of this readme are adapted from his readme, where relevant.
Murfy27, for great meshes and textures and many of the original interiors of the TARDIS.
Grealthrim, for the third control room and lots of great meshes. Yes, I made substantial changes, but the basic structure, and finding things for the console, was still him.

I am trying to track down all the contributors, and resources used for the TARDIS mod as I inherited it, as they were not all documented or credited. So if I missed something, please tell me, so that I can add proper credit for it. I reskinned a lot of things, and altered some meshes, so many of the items are of my redesign. I gave up adding “Eolhin” to everything early on, and so most of my additions are just marked TARDIS in the file names.

Xiamara for her lovely bedroom set, soft chair, and wineracks resources:
Manor Bedroom Set by Xiamara
Full Wine Racks Modders Resource by Xiamara
Sofa and Chair Set 1 by Xiamara

Timalk-ae for Invisible Furniture by Timalk-ae.

InsanitySorrow for the meshes for the Sonic Screwdriver, which I reskinned.

Stroti, who I believe made some of the pipes and other fittings used. If anyone knows what exactly was from his resources, please tell me.

(Dwemer flying ship parts?)

Credits as Drekmoor had them, things which bear repeating:
All of you who have given me suggestions on how to improve the TARDIS, I've been given some really good ones and I haven't so far considered any of them to be bad, so thank you all.
Special thanks to atlantiantokradesu for suggesting a way of creating random events, it is because of him I chose to continue working on the mod.
I have used a script from the Ancient Towers mod made by WilliamSea, credits to him.
Credits to Xilver, the creator of the Midas Magic Spells of Aurum, he supplied a special effect which you can read about in the spoilers section.
Credits to Bennomakin2 for enhanced TARDIS Control Room designs for CR1.
UselessChris for the Shudder effect used with the Blue Stabilizers.

Bathesda for making Oblivion, and for releasing the construction set so that we can play in their sandbox.

Some sounds and the TARDIS itself are Copyright of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
No profit is to or has been made from the development of this project
Doctor Who, the TARDIS and all the components of the show are copyright BBC 1963.

Interiors closest to control room were made by Murfy27, control room, living area and prison cells mended by Drekmoor, Auxiliary Control Room, Control room 2, the main bedroom, the generator room and library made by Drekmoor (I did some redecorating).
Core room, Garden, Grand library and Control room 3 made by Graelthrimm, who also mended the display-case-room and the workrooms. (Alterations have been made to all of these by me (Eolhin).)
I (Eolhin) altered many of the existing rooms, but I also created many areas from scratch, those are: Old Corridors, Storage halls, Infirmary, Zero Room, Docking Bay, and the coral skin for control room 3.