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New mash-up, maded from TDA, Waalx, Addonay resources.

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Initially I've made this armor only for my character - imperial battlemage, ex-brigand leader and Champion of Cyrodiil, then I decided to share it with community, there is HGEC and Robert's male body versions. To obtain outfit you must defeat it's former owner, tribute to my character - Vald Vesper, who hiding with his warband in Vilverin. Be careful, his leveling starts at 20lvl.

Require version 1.2 and HGEC\Robert Male Body v5 to work properly.
Probably incompatible with any mod, that alter first level of Vilverin Dungeon.

Thank to bethesda for such buggy game and wonderful modding platform.
Thank to Stroti and Mr.Siika, you guys make me download blender.
Thank to Addonay for coat mesh and texture.
Thank to TDA for plate armor mesh and texture. You have amazing talent!
Thank to Waalx for his props and many other meshes.
Thank to PaleRider for fur cape mesh and texture.

For permissions please contact me.

Added HGEC support and new way to obtain armor

Fixed some bugs and texture path errors

Initial Release