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Some tweakings i made for the spriggan''s models to look better

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First of all, ive been modding for quite a while, in my opinion, i made very good mods, but unfortunately, many of them are mods, of mods so iwd need to ask permission for any kind of release and im a little lazy but someday i will start to do so.

This however, does not need any permission, its entirely mine, well, except for the ORIGINAl spriggan meshes which remain intelectual property of Bethesda, and i suppose they gave permission long ago or else nobody could mod a single thing in here

This is my first uploaded mod so treat it kindly please

Its a model replacer, just a couple of meshes to replace the vanilla models for spriggans, nothing more nothing less than meshes

I just took the vanilla model and made several twaks on the meshes, (specially in the face) and their UV maps with Blender and i made a new hair for it, its pretty simple, but it serves its purpose, to make spriggans look better and more similar to other plant people like the silvary race from Guild Wars

It's not a new race nor a new clothing, no new textures, not even a new creature. only a model replacer

REQUIREMENTS: nothing but the vanilla game "Oblivion" by Bethesda

INCOMPATIBILITIES: any mod that replaces the spriggan models

INSTALLATION: just copy the files in Oblivion/Data folder, no esp required, textures are vanilla or whatever mod you're using cause this mod only changes the models
UNINSTALL: go to oblivion/data/meshes/creatures/spriggan folder and delete "spriggan.nif" and "hair.nif"

TOOLS USED: Blender and Nifskope

NOTES: i have absolutely no idea how to put the hair at the feet position and rotated to the left as it was in the vanilla files, so the "hair.nif" file contains nothing, and i had to attach the hair and the crown to the main spriggan file with bonewheight. If anybody does know how to do this please tell me so i can do it and make this more canon-like (im a little obsessive about details...)

Credits and thanks:

To the creators of Oblivion, for creating a game and giving nearly infinite modding possibilities to it

Thanks to drunkgoblin for "spriggan companion" mod (which i used to test it safely and easy: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/2384)

Thanks to Korana, who made a mod for spriggans and i kind of used her idea of a flower crown, the model is still made by me from the vanilla meshes, but the inspiration to make it, i took it from one of her mods.

Thanks to everyone here in Nexus, i never would have started in this modding stuff if it wasnt for all the wonderful mods out there and all the beautiful pictures people take, its really inspiring