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Realistically Weighted Weapons
by, Iant333 ([email protected])



This mod is part 2 of 3 which will make all of the weapons and armors realistic weights, and will also make "Mythic" (I.E. Elven, Mithril, Ebony, etc) much harder to procure. This mod started out with me reading the "Manual of Armor" and it mentioned that all Dwemer and Ebony equiptment was property of the empire and illegal to buy or sell, yet i could go talk to Vernardo and pick up a shiny set of Dwemer (Dwarven) armor. I also got downright aggrivated when (even with fracesco's mod) every bandit and lowlife under the sun had mythical armors after level 20. Armors and weapons such as these should be only seen in museums or at super expensive shops.

I was also more than slightly bothered by the fact that a helmet could weigh as much as 12 lbs. or gauntlets weighing just as much. This is not realistic, you would have a hard time fighting with 6 extra lbs. on each hand. So I fixed that as well. I didnt do anything to Daedric armor as that is supposed to be heavy. Parts two and three will be coming out in the near future. Part two modifes only weapon weights.


Put the Realistically_Weighted_Armor.esp file in your obliovn data folder and activate it on startup.


Disclaimer: I disclaim all responsiblity for, in any way shape or form, for any tribulations this mod may or may not cause. If you would like to include this with any mod or modification package feel free as long as credit to me is given in said modification or package of modifications in the form of "Ian makes the best mods in the world".