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Name: Magic Skill Perks
Version: 1.3
Date: 9/25/2015
Author(s): DocRob

It's always kind of bugged me that in Oblivion, you gain some nice little side perks when skills hit certain mastery levels (Apprentice, etc.)--except for spell skills, which only grant you access to spells of the new level. Nice, but, I wanted a bit more, so I made this.

UPDATE: After some well-thought out suggestions made by Eolhin at TESNexus, I've opted to add two additional .esps to this. See details below.

UPDATE UPDATE: Thanks to Logharn for spotting a bug, which in turn led to finding another bug, both of which caused the fortified magicka to stay locked (couldn't be reduced) even if the mod was unloaded. Both bugs are now fixed in all versions.

UPDATE #3:  I've added a new .esp based off Magic Skill Perks Balanced, but greatly nerfed in how much your magicka gets fortified; this should be ideal for those who like a bit of challenge balancing magic use vs. their pool of magicka, providing a bit of added magick while not being overwhelming.

Magic Skill Perks keeps an eye on your spell skills as they rise (or fall) and gives you a perk--Fortify Magicka--each time you reach a level of mastery.

Depending on which .esp you install (make sure to install only ONE, as the last one installed will overwrite the other two) you'll get the following perks:

Original (Magic Skill Perks. esp)
Apprentice: 25 pts.
Journeyman: 75 pts.
Expert: 150 pts.
Master: 250 pts.

With all schools of magic maxed out at 100, you'll gain 1500 points of fortified magicka! Note that this original version tops out at 100, so no benefit is gained if you're using an AV uncapper to go above 100.

For those that use AV uncappers and want the perks, I offer two other files:

Magic Skill Perks Balanced.esp

Apprentice: 25 pts.
Journeyman: 50 pts.
Expert: 75 pts.
Master (100-124): 100 pts.
Enhanced Master (125-149): 125 pts.
Enlightened Master (150-174): 150 pts.
Disciplined Master (175-199): 175 pts.
Complete Master (200+): 200 pts.

This is the version using the formula suggested by Eolhin, and provides not only added perks for uncapped players, but also more balance for those who like their mages powerful but not overpowered.

With all schools mastered (200 in each), this tops your fortified magicka out at 1200.

Magic Skill Perks Godlike.esp

Apprentice: 25 pts.
Journeyman: 75 pts.
Expert: 150 pts.
Master (100-124): 250 pts.
Superior Master (125-149): 310 pts.
Supreme Master (150-174): 370 pts.
Ultimate Master (175-199): 430 pts.
Godlike Master (200+): 500 pts.

This is the version for those who want the ultimate badass high-level wizard; a whopping 3000 points of enhanced magicka with all schools maxed at 200.

Magic Skill Perks Nerfed.esp

Apprentice: 5 pts.
Journeyman: 10 pts.
Expert: 15 pts.
Master (100-124): 20 pts.
Enhanced Master (125-149): 25 pts.
Enlightened Master (150-174): 30 pts.
Disciplined Master (175-199): 35 pts.
Complete Master (200+): 40 pts.

As you can see, this version works for uncapped players, but (like Magic Skill Perks Balanced) can be used by capped players as well.

With all schools mastered (200 in each), this tops your fortified magicka out at 200.  Not overdone but enough to let you get out one last powerful spell before it's time to chug a Restore Magicka potion.

All four mods are set to work on either new or existing games. Perks are based on current magicka, not base, so they may appear/disappear as that number changes (sorry, trying to do otherwise proved to be a huge pain in the buttocks. I do this for fun, folks, and when it stops being fun, well...) Also, if you have no magical skills at at least Apprentice level, nothing will show up until you do (there are no perks for Novice level.)

Clear All Perks: You'll gain this spell--Greater Power, actually, as of version 1.2a--at start, but be warned: this is one-time only spell. Cast it and you'll wipe out the perks PERMANENTLY; the only way to get them back is to deactivate and reactivate the mod. I put it in for people who want to swap or entirely remove the mod.

Oblivion Patch (Official 1.2 Patch)
OBSE (2.0 or higher recommended) http://obse.silverlock.org/

Installation Instructions
Simply unpack the archive and drop the Magic Skill Perks.esp of your choice into your Oblivion/Data directory and activate it. Be sure to activate only ONE of the .esps (original, Godlike or Balanced). At the very least if you don't, the last one activated will take over, at worst...let's not find out, 'kay?

Upgrading Instructions

If you already have the original Magic Skill Perks.esp installed or want to swap to one of the others, I recommend doing it this way:

1. Use the Clear All Perks spell that should have been added when you installed the mod. This will remove the perks and set your magicka back to what it was before they were added (current levels only.)
2. Deactivate the current Magic Skill Perks.esp (whichever version you're using).
2. Start Oblivion, ignore the missing content warning, and load your saved game.
3. Save your game (clean save) and exit.
4. Activate the Magic Skill Perks.esp you want to use. Remember, activate only ONE.
5. Start Oblivion and load your game (continue). If may take a few seconds for the effects to show as the script initializes; you likely won't get any messages, so check the Magic Effects page in your inventory to verify that your qualifying spell schools have the perks operating.

Uninstallation Instructions
Simply delete the Magic Skill Perks.esp (whichever version you're using) from your Oblivion/Data directory.

None I can think of. This really shouldn't conflict with any other mods.

Known Issues
None, provided you follow the install/update instructions above, which should have everything working nicely.

Change Log
1.1: Added two additional .esps for balanced and god-like player choices.
1.2: Fixed bugs that would cause magicka to stay locked as fortified, even if skill dropped or mod was removed, or would cause re-activation of the mod to boost the magicka even further. Also added the Clear All Perks spell.
1.2a: Clear All Perks changed from spell to Greater Power. Works the same (still one shot, still removes all perks), just now in a different area of the spell list.
1.3:  Added a nerfed .esp for players who like a bit of a challenge.

Bethesda Softworks, for Oblivion
The entire TESNexus crew for keeping things running so well.
Eolhin, for suggesting the formula that led to the Balanced version.
Logharn, for his feedback regarding the bugs I'd overlooked and his suggestion to make the Clear Perks spell a power, instead of just a spell.
Everyone who commented and endorsed the original: knowing I made something you all can use and enjoy makes modding and sharing so worthwhile. :-)

Feel free to do with this as you like; no credit need be given or permission asked.