VipCxjs Air Fight System Addon for Oblivion and Nehrim plus optional Wingless and Fairy Wings by mechatech
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Added: 25/01/2013 - 05:22PM
Updated: 01/02/2013 - 07:02PM

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Last updated at 19:02, 1 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 17:22, 25 Jan 2013

NOTE! - Requires VipCxj's Air Fight System to work! This is an addon, NOT a stand alone. You WILL need his mod to fly!!!

I'm going cross eyed with all the plugin options so I've consolidated everything into two packages. One for Oblivion and one for Nehrim. Also added a small fix for the base mod.

Each pack has options that will let you -
Fly faster with the original demon wings.
Fly faster or not with fairy wings.
Fly faster or not without wings.

VipCxj_AirSystem_Addon by mechatech


I recently stumbled upon vipcxj's air fight system and I feel it is one of the best functioning animation mods I have ever used. Being able to pelt your enemies from the roof of a cavern or ruin is just plain fun. Crossing gorges, flying up the side of a mountain adds a whole new dimension to game play. I almost feel like I'm cheating. IMO it is a must have.

However, I felt that you should be able to fly faster than you can run as well as maneuver better. That is where this mod comes in. Depending on which plugin is selected, the wings are now enchanted with increases of 10, 20, 40, 50 across the board to speed, athletics, acrobatics and agility.

The enchantment is applied only when the wings are equipped. It has been play tested, no problems or conflicts. It uses Oblivion (or Nehrim) and vipcxj's air fight system as masters. His air fight system is currently masterless allowing it work with either Oblivion or Nehrim.

Made a small fix for the base mod for those that want the original demon wings without any speed increase. It changes nothing but the following - The original mod makes use of an invisible mesh under the characters feet when in flight. I noticed that when I looked down the title of the mesh (zzzSupport) would show. This patch removes that name. Also changes the name of the wings from the original Chinese into English. Works with either Oblivion or Nehrim.

UPDATE - Added a Nehrim version. I have played Nehrim but I don't have it now. Changes made are based on memory. Anyone who tries it, let me know if it works.

UPDATE 2 - The original mod makes use of an invisible mesh under the characters feet when in flight. I noticed that when I looked down the title of the mesh (zzzSupport) would show. The update removes that name.

UPDATE 3 - Wingless version is offered for those who want to fly without wings.

UPDATE 4 - So you don't like demon wings. No problem, fairy wings version now offered courtesy of Animated Fairy Wings modders resource by Puff and Company in both light and dark.

UPDATE 5 - No speed versions offered for wingless and fairy wings. Fix for the base mod.

UPDATE 6 - Still not fast enough? Be a Ferrari of the skies with boosts of 75 and 100.

My apologies for any injuries/deaths caused by my previous attempts. Remember, if any parachute I sell you fails to open you get a full refund.

VipCxj's Air Fight System

Drop the data onto your DATA folder, if asked to merge folders say yes. Drop only ONE esp into your data folder, position anywhere below VipCxj_AirSystem.esp in your mod manager, play. After trying this out if you want to increase or decrease, stop flying, save game and exit, then just drop in the plugin you want, delete the other, restart the game, continue. Resources are included for both light and dark wings. Want to change color? Just pick the plugin you want and delete what you are using, continue playing.

For those inclined they can merge this patch with the vipcxj's air system. I have not tried this however.

Changing the speed and athletics has noticeable effects. With plugin 30, my PC was 25 percent faster flying than running over the same distance. I don't know if an increase to acrobatics is of any benefit but it doesn't seem to hurt.

This mod contains NONE of vipcxj's resources, scripts or assets. It does not alter the original function of his mod. It simply overrides the clothing item "wings" adding only an enchantment and changing the name to English since the original was Chinese.

Higher speeds may cause CTD if your rig or game configuration is not up to the task of rapid cell changes outdoors.

There isn't any. Use at your own risk. It worked for me but depending on how your game is configured it may not work for you.

This plugin is not to be reuploaded, modified and reuploaded or redistributed. Without releasing my rights to this original mod, I release the right to redistribute and/or modify to vipcxj only except for the fairy wings resource, that is a separate concern. My request is that I be given credit for the idea.

Animated Fairy Wings modders resource by Puff and Company
VipCxj's Air Fight System by vipcxj

v1.0 - initial release
v1.0N - Nehrim release
v1.1 - small update
v1.1N - Nehrim small update
v1.1a - wingless version
v1.1Na - Nehrim wingless version
v1.2 - fairy wings version
v1.2N - Nehrim fairywings version
v1.2.1 - consolidated all plugins into one package
v1.2.1N - consolidated all plugins into one package
v1.2.1a - fix patch released
v1.2.1s - speed pack released
v1.2.1Ns - Nehrim speed pack released