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Added: 24/01/2013 - 06:31PM
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Last updated at 16:29, 30 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 18:31, 24 Jan 2013

BETTER TRAINING SKYRIM: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31260

This is a very simple mod that still makes the game that much better.
What Better Training does is make it so that you can train 1000 times per level instead of 5--because if you have the gold, why not? Morrowind's training system was best (unlimited training), and this mod aims to achieve that--it practically has. Since you will no doubt level up before you have the gold to train 900 times, it is in essence unlimited training.

To install, simply unzip the file to your Oblivion\Data directory.

You can use this in whatever you want, but please give me credit as it took a long time to figure out how to change the limits on training.

OPTIONAL: I added an optional download file that changes the price of training totally as well as how high it multiplies. I have not yet tested it so it may be excessively low. Play it if you like.