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Added: 22/01/2013 - 07:31PM
Updated: 14/03/2013 - 12:08PM

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I can't speak English well.
so, I used google translate.

This MOD adds a new ring that generates a human skull.

  • Find out NPC 'Bathory' at Bloodworks sewer.
  • He has the ring.
  • Once you equip the ring, you never unequip.
  • v1.1 unequippable version is available.
  • Sometime the ring generates a human skull.
  • Then your health is decreased(-1pt).

You can change ratio to generate.
Open console, input following command

set SkullGenerateRatio to ?

Default value is 0.002
0.0001 <= value <= 1.0

This MOD will bloat your save data size.
So, I recommend to use following MOD

kuertee Clean-up

OBSE 0018+

  1. UNZIP archive
  2. COPY esp and bsa to Data folder
  3. CHECK this MOD

  1. DELETE esp and bsa

*Change Log
v1.1 - changed the ring model, name & MOD ID

*Note about version 1.1
I've changed this MOD ID at this version.
You have to uninstall old version(just delete old esp) before install new version.
And you have to get the ring again.

Reaper's Skull Ring Ressource By Reaper911

Thank you for wonderful resource!


?v1.1 ????????????????


set SkullGenerateRatio to ?


OBSE 0018+


kuertee Clean-up


MOD ID??????????