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*UPDATE* 2/3/2013: As of now, I am currently working upon the mod that will incorporate this race into the game. To celebrate the excellent progress that has been made, I think I'll spoil you guys with a little description to get you pumped. :D

The city of Tavsan Sehir, the impenetrable stronghold where the Kanin of Cyrodiil make their home. For nearly a thousand years it has stood as a bastion that has protected its people from the oppressive Empire that sought to enslave them. Standing as a testament to what the world could become with its advanced military weaponry, its superior medicine, and a dignified culture that rejected the notion of polytheism and placed emphasis on collaborative worship of a single creator, Tavsan Sehir spread Kanin technology and ideology into Cyrodiil.

Now, in the Third Era, 433, the city stands at its peak, protected by powerful Janissaries and serving as a mecca of trade for all Cyrodiil. You have found this city, when you escaped from your prison cell, and when you ventured to it, you learned of a man named "General Maximillian," a great Nordic man who led the Kanin into battle against the very Empire he was sworn to protect. His actions saved them from eons of slavery, and a great monument was erected to house his remains. Five keys were scattered in secret locations throughout the city that would lead a hero "shaped in his mold" to find his legendary armor.

Can you find the five keys? Will you be the one to enter the Trials of Maximillian, and take your place among legends? Within lies some of the toughest combat you will ever face, the most difficult puzzles, and a maze abound with rich lore? Thank goodness there's lots of useful new things you can buy within the city to help you!

CREATOR KaliTheRabbit
DATE 1/21/2013


This mod adds a new rabbit race known as the Kanin into Oblivion.

Hailing from the desert land of Vol'tera, south of Elsweyr, the Kanin are lithe and agile fighters who excel at swordplay. Their sheer speed and agility has lead to them being hired as assassins or mercenaries in times of war by sparring nations. But for all their prowess as fighters, the Kanin excel at science and technology. It is due to the Kanin that modern medicine and blacksmithing techniques have flourished throughout Tamriel. The Kanin have completely revolutionized both fields as they are known today.

This race is best suited for people who like to play agile warriors or stealthy melee-oriented characters. People who like to role-play with their characters or maintain their own items and equipment will appreciate the bonuses to Alchemy and Armorer, which, when combined with the Brainstorm greater power mentioned below, will allow them to save many Septims that would be spent on potions or repairs. Though the Kanin have no affinity for specialized skills such as lockpicking, sneaking, or magicka, their well rounded stats and skills allow you to play this race as you see fit! Just have fun and make the bunny-oriented character of your dreams.

BASE STATS (Equal for both Males and Females! We're not sexist.)

Strength: 40
Intelligence: 40
Willpower: 30
Agility: 40
Speed: 50
Endurance: 40
Luck: 50
Personality: 30


Athletics: +10
Alchemy: +10
Armorer: +10
Blade: +5
Light Armor: +5
Acrobatics: +5


Haste: Always good in a pinch when you need to run away or when you are running across Cyrodiil, Haste will allow you to tap into your innate speed for an entire minute, granting you extreme speeds that will put even the finest horses to shame!

Fortify Attribute (Speed): 50 points for 60 seconds
Fortify Skill (Athletics): 25 points for 60 seconds
Fortify Skill (Acrobatics): 25 points for 60 seconds

Brainstorm: Useful for when you are preparing for your next quest or dungeon crawl, Brainstorm will give you a quick boost in cognitive thinking to make more powerful medicine or poisons or more thoroughly and efficiently repair your equipment.

Fortify Attribute (Intelligence): 20 points for 10 seconds
Fortify Skill (Alchemy): 25 points for 10 seconds
Fortify Skill (Armorer): 25 points for 10 seconds


Exnem's Eyecandy Body Replacer (HGEC Body)
Robert's Male Body Replacer V5

Though not required, for best results when wearing armor and clothing with this mod, the following mods are recommended.

(Replaces all vanilla clothing in both stock Oblivion and Shivering Isles with HGEC modeled variants.)

(Replaces all vanilla clothing in stock Oblivion with Robert's Male Body modeled variants.)

(Replaces all vanilla clothing in Shivering Isles with Robert's Male Body modeled variants.)


1. Download and extract the “Kanin Race.7z” file to a holding folder of your choice.

2. Copy the “Data” folder inside.

3. Navigate to the directory where Oblivion is installed.
(This is typically C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\)

4. Copy the data folder into the directory mentioned above and allow it to overwrite the folder's contents.

5. Enable the mod through the Oblivion launcher or through Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM).

OMOD INSTALLATION (Using Oblivion Mod Manager)

1. Download and extract the “Kanin Race.omod” file to a holding folder of your choice.

2. Open up Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM).

3. Click Load, then navigate to where you saved “Kanin Race.omod” and select it.

4. Double-click Kanin Rabbit Race within the second pane. If all goes well, the box beside the file name will turn blue and the “Kanin Race.esp” file will appear in the leftmost pane, already checked.


In the coming weeks I will be working on a mod package that implements this custom race into the world of Oblivion, giving them their own city full of new and useful items, a large and sprawling quest line that will test your puzzle-solving abilities and your combat skills in one of the hardest dungeons ever made for Oblivion, and powerful relics that will aid you in your endeavors throughout Tamriel. Please keep an eye out for it!

And have lots of fun with this custom race!


This mod is not incompatible with any known mods.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this mod, you can contact KaliTheRabbit at Oblivion Nexus.


Thanks to -Ren- for her lovely hairstyles in Ren's Beauty Pack, which were used in this mod. These were the only ones I could find that would work with the head mesh!


Thanks to Cernasite for “Cernasites Dragon Eyes”, which were used in this mod to give the Kanin the most beautiful eyes I could find!


Thanks to Ferimens for the “Vexend Race”, which finally gave me the head mesh I needed to make the muzzle used in this mod. Definitely a fantastic race I would recommend to any wolf or fox lovers!


Thanks to Izumiko, whose “x117 Rabbit Mini Race” gave me the body textures I needed and the oh-so-essential rabbit tail. This mod would not be possible without these key assets.


Thanks to elPatrixF, for his “Lagomorph Race”, which gave me the straight bunny ears needed to make the Kanin Rabbit Race what it needed to even BE a rabbit race!


Thanks to Shishkabob for unearthing the “Elf Female Younger Voice Replacement”, which allowed me to have bunny girls sound as nice as they look. The stock voices just... don't work.


Thanks to “Zidane Tribal” for his excellent voice acting in the “Wood Elf Voice Add On” package! It was so hard to find a nice male voice that fit this race, and to find one that sounded a lot like Link from the Legend of Zelda made my day.