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This mod aims to improve on oblivion\'s combat, making it more difficult and volatile by increasing overall damage and tweaking the AI to be more aggressive and block more often.

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This mod is the kind of "simple solution" mod, that has no difficult scripts involved. I tweaked a lot of game settings, and that's it.


I really appreciate constructive feedback, please, don't hesitate to tell me what you think of my mod.

Recommended mods: SDR, Better Blocking, and Supreme Magicka.
Highly recommended: Better Blocking. Seriously, don't use this mod without better blocking.
Use supreme magicka to improve on the magicka damage, and SDR to make sneaking less cheatier. I uploaded the better blocking.ini so it scales with the new fatigue settings.

Links in the end of the description.

If you're going to use the movement module though, disable sprinting on SDR.
set sdrSprintingQ.vSprintOption to 0 under the perk and patches.ini

I'll now go over everything i changed.
First off, there are two Modules:

* Combat:
Combat improves on the AI making NPCs block during attacks,dodge, etc.They will use their Racial skills more. This module increases overall damage through skill, increases arrow speed and decreases gravity, distributes damage towards the more riskier approach. Like, the backwards power attack now is the one that hits for less, while the front one is the big hitter.

Fatigue now regenerates faster (10 to 15), but gets spent faster. Decreases combat hit cone angle from 35 to 27, it goes well with NPC dodge as well as your own! NPCs will attack you a lot when you are vulnerable ( staggered, unconscious ), not blocking. You now get 10 training skill points per level, you recover 75% of the arrows, giants now have bigger reach, armor rating has been dropped to 80%, and overall armor effectiveness by 15%.

There is now a difference between light armor and heavy armor at master perk. Light armor will have 15% less damage reduction compared to heavy armor will encumber you by 20%.

Hand to hand's damage has been improved as well as the fatigue damage, and the reach has been reduced from 0.6 to 0.5. Magicka regeneration has been improved as well, you can hit your allies or your friends 10 times before they attack you.

Enemy will flee with 15% health instead of 10% health. NPCs can now perform acrobatic dodges, given they have the required acrobatic skill, you move faster while having your weapon sheathed (from 10% to 15%). Damage to armor has been reduced as well as damage to weapon.
Now as long as you're a novice on athletics (lv 0 - 25), you'll lose 5 fatigue per second. Journeyman (25-50) you won't lose any fatigue, Expert (50 - 75) you'll regenerate 10 fatigue, and at master level you'll regenerate full 15 fatigue per second.

* Movement:
Acrobatics, Athletics or speed no longer influence on jump height or run speed.
You'll get a predetermined run speed and jump height, one which all the NPCs will also have.
Your character will walk faster, run at a normal pace. You'll fall quicker, and the fall damage has been buffed.