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A complete rebuild and upgrade of Battlehorn Castle and its grounds. Over 200 new meshes Over 20 new areas Over 30 new NPCs

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Every area save for the Grotto and the original bedroom (now renamed Guest Quarters) has been rebuilt. All the vanilla NPCs are still around, and have been joined by many new additions.

For best results, please purchase all upgrades before exploring the castle, as many areas are inaccessible until purchased.

New Areas:

Arcane Sanctum - Home to Battlehorn Castle's new mage; available to recharge magic items. Also contains Altars of Spellmaking and Enchanting, a Mystic Chest with random respawning magic scrolls, and four new staves with new models.

Armory - Houses the forge, blacksmith quarters, and arms/armor for Battlehorn's defenders. Features leveled respawning arrows: normal, fire, frost, and shock enchanted. Also contains leveled sets of Men-at-Arms and Archer armor. Existing steel and mithril equipment can be easily removed with the flick of a switch if you need additional weapon/armor storage.

Ballroom - Large, stately ballroom decorated with heraldry from across Cyrodil.

Barracks - Home to the Men-at-Arms (now increased to a force of twelve) and twelve new Battlehorn Archers. These are divided into day and night shifts, each with foot patrols, guard posts, and a horse patrol. The guards are equipped with new leveled armor and weapons. There is also a chest which contains Battlehorn Warhorns. When one of these Warhorns is carried, you may summon a Battlehorn Man-At-Arms once per day. (Greater Power)

Chapel - Contains a shrine to Julianos and passage to the Crypts.

Conservatory - Large area filled with flora from across Cyrodil, as well as a shrine to Kynareth

Crypts - A small undercroft area where the body of Lord Kelvyn has been laid to rest.

Dungeons - Patrolled by the Battlehorn Jailor.

Healing Ward - located in the East Wing and tended by Bella Caldwyn, who can heal wounds, restore damaged attributes, and cure poison and disease. There is also a healing potion basin which provides 20 healing potions, and is refilled by Bella each day.

Lord's Chambers - Brand new living quarters, immaculately appointed. Plenty of storage and an alchemical lab with regular ingredient delivery.

Stables/Stablehouse - Tended by the groundskeeper and ostler along with their pet mountain lion. You can find the groundskeeper tending the garden or the courtyard on weekdays.

Vault - Copious storage for all your various treasures, including pedestals for Ayleid statues. Over 90 display cases, numerous weapon racks, golden chests and unique architecture.

Warehouse - Large area of clutter containers as well as various clutter items and home to Ellie Marceau, Battlehorn's merchant. Ellie buys most legal items and has 5000 barter gold. She also offers Mercantile training up to Expert level.

West Wing - A large library and quarters for Donovan, the Battlehorn curator, who offers Speechcraft training up to Expert Level.

Other Changes:

New set of player armor and a new 2H sword hidden somewhere in the castle (you must be at least level 20 to find it)

The wine cellar is now its own cell and adds large barrels of Tamika and Surilie 399 in addition to Mead and Cheap wine. The new barrels are replenished in the same manner as the other two.

When dinner is served in the east wing, dinner appears on the table and is removed when dinner is over.

One of my personal favorites - Rona (the maid) continues to hang out in the Guest Quarters. She won't step foot in your new chambers.

While technically not a change, I feel it bears note. No longer shall she run free and invincible in your private space, knocking items over and stealing them.


Thanks go out to The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki - a great reference for the Construction Set.

The following members of Oblivion Nexus have been helpful in letting me know of issues or suggestions:


I'd also like to thank the following folks for their mod resources, without which my mod wouldn't be complete:

Meo - Meo has a wealth of modding resources available, all top-notch. You can see Meo's work in the castle's rugs, armor dummies, static silver, castle roof, and Umbacano-like display cases.

Loth - Fantastic weapon rack meshes. When you place a weapon in one and they actually stay, this is the person to thank :).

Kvatch Rebuilt Team - Thanks for the Kvatch banner. The ballroom would have been incomplete without it.

Garak - You can find Garak's static booksets across the castle. Very handy clutter items.

Ell46 - Static shields to accent the banners in the ballroom.

LadyN - LadyN makes the PaperGoods mod resource, a useful resource for all things book/paper related. The open books and certain static books are from this set.

All meshes/textures owned by the above have been obtained from modding resources released by the respective creator(s), and usage is dictated by them.


Battlehorn Castle Upgraded requires the original DLC to function. While the included .esp replaces the existing DLC, DLCBattlehornCastle.bsa is still needed.

Battlehorn Castle Upgraded also requires that Shivering Isles be installed.

This mod needs to be loaded with a clean save. You can do this by removing all your items from the old Battlehorn Castle, saving, restarting Oblivion without DLCBattlehornCastle.esp, saving again, then loading the new mod.

1) Backup/rename your existing DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
2) Make sure you've backed up/renamed up your existing DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
3) Extract the contents of the archive into your Oblivion/Data folder.
4) Make sure you are loading DLCBattlehornCastle.esp, preferably in the same order as the original.


1) Delete DLCBattlehornCastle.esp.
2) Restore your old DLCBattlehornCastle.esp from backup.
3) Remove the UPGMeshes folder from /Data/Meshes, the UPGTextures folder from /Data/Textures, the dlcbattlehorncastle.esp folder from Sounds/Voices, and the UPGIcons Folder from Textures/Menus/Icons/Armor.

Compatibility Notes:

This mod is incompatible with the Official Unoffical Patch for Battlehorn Castle, as most of the fixes are no longer relevant. Several fixes from this patch have been incorporated into the mod. It runs fine with the main Official Unofficial Oblivion patch, however.

There are issues when using this mod with the following mods, as they edit some of the same areas:

Verona House Bloodlines. (Thanks to Crowlotus for pointing that out)
Tona's Mod Store. (Thanks to xxxxb for pointing that out)
AFK_Weye (thanks to Crowlotus for pointing that out)

I have tested this with CM Partners 2.0 Basic, and while I have little experience with this mod, the companions seem to function inside the castle. (sleeping, eating, finding, wandering, etc) All areas are pathgridded, and there are guest quarters as well as a guest house for them to occupy.

This mod edits Extra Summon Z020, which is unused in vanilla Oblivon/SI. Other mods may edit this spell effect as well.

Issues and Notes:
The quest to obtain Battlehorn Castle and purchasing of upgrades is unchanged, although the price and number of upgrades has increased.

All safe containers are marked with an "(S)". Respawning containers are marked "(R)". Non-marked containers should be considered unsafe.

Several vanilla meshes have been tweaked in Blender or retextured where I felt necessary. These have been created as unique objects.

This is an initial release that has been cleaned and playtested by myself. However, there may be minor issues that I have not caught. If you note any odd glitches, misplaced objects, or the like, please let me know so that I can correct them if possible.


1/3/2013 - Initial Beta Release
1/4/2013 - v1.01 w/fix for missing Dragon Bow model
1/7/2013 - v1.02 w/ changes to Chapel, Man-At-Arms summoning, and general cleanup.
1/7/2013 - v1.03 to correct small issue with 1.02