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About this mod

A master resource package that will be used for a series of farm, settlement, and village mods. Contains many pre-assembled modder resources, as well as many of my own custom made resources.

Permissions and credits

1. A collection of folders containing meshes, sound files, and textures.

2. An ESM Master File containing all of the above which have been
pre-assembled in the Oblivion Construction set.

This is NOT a mod in and of itself. It is a master resource package that numerous mods are being built
off of. There are at this time 12 mods currently in various stages of development using these resources.
All future releases in the "Settlements of Cyrodiil" series will require this pack to be installed.

Project Theme

Before industrialization the main occupation of people, for ALL civilizations, has been agriculture.
Without a reliable source of food, no empire could fuel it's troops or civilian population for long.
Cyrodiil is vast, boasting 9 fortified cities and an immense population. Many of the popular mods like
Better Cities and Crowded Roads only serve to increase said population. We see food in the homes, Inns
and vendors sell it everywhere you go. Yet where are the farms that should be dotting the landscape in
every direction? Where does all the food come from to feed that population?

Settlements of Cyrodiil is an attempt to answer those questions. While there are a good many farming
mods out there, in my opinion it's still too few, there really aren't enough crops to supply such a large
nation. We have plenty of holes still left to fill..........

      Welcome to Settlements of Cyrodiil

Settlements of Cyrodiil first began as an effort to rescue some very nice farm and village mods that had
gone to the wayside so to speak. Some of these were already successful releases in their own right, but
fell victim to un-patched conflicts with larger, more popular mods. Others were unfinished beta releases
that the original authors simply abandoned, some of the betas suffer from unpatched conflicts as well. I
have been granted permissions from the respective authors to overhaul and re-release these little gems.

Along the road to completing these overhauls, I realized there was also a marked lack of diversity in the
farms of Cyrodiil. Even with the many modders resources available, most farm mods retain a lot of the same characteristics. So I set about creating new models and retexturing a good many others to add more flavor. This in turn led to a few modding endeavors of my own which will eventually be released also.

Settlements of Cyrodiil will be a series of modular releases which all utilize the same resource package. I felt this was the best approach for avoiding mod conflicts as a whole, implementing future upgrades, and giving the mod users freedom of choice as to which plugins they use or don't use. You won't have to have all the pieces if you don't like a particular plugin. That was something that bothered me about other village packs. At some point when this is much further along, I may do a merged file for those who wish to have everything.

The overall plan is to:

a) Relocate each of the settlements if necessary to eliminate mod conflicts, or at the very least minimize conflicts. In some cases patches may just be unavoidable, there are a LOT of mods out there, and in some cases moving the settlements too far from the original locale would just spoil the original theme.

b) Revamp each settlement to better fit into the chosen location, while maintaining as much of the original look and feel as possible.

c) Tie up loose ends so to speak, fixing errors/glitches within the mods themselves.

d) Incorporate some dialogue interaction between settlements to add more ambience. This will most likely be added into later updates once I am more comfortable with the techniques involved.

e) Add in at the very least some simple quests to each one. Some of the rescue mods have basic quests, sadly most do not. Right now I'm still learning questmaking, so again would rather wait until I can get it right and avoid messy fixes. These will most likely be added in the form of updated esps.

Released Mods

Oranstad Township

Adds a farming village on the Gold Road road due East of Skingrad. Oranstad is a completed and
overhauled version of the beta release by Spectic. Features a unique mixture of Chorrol,
farmhouse, and lower class architecture with vanilla and custom Skingrad textures. Oranstad is
nestled in a woodland setting next to a pond and stream. Also contains farming, livestock, a
blacksmith, alchemy shop, and bookstore. There are 22 NPCs with detailed daily schedules who
work, socialize, buy and sell items, and some are trainers as well. They raise a variety of crops
and have a few cattle which produce meat and milk.

Legion Outposts

A pair of Legion outposts and working farms which were originally created by Poolacemail.
Formerly titled "A Legion Outpost-Fort Nova Varos" and "A Legion Outpost-Fort Novi Sad". Both
suffered from conflicts with other mods including Unique Landscapes-Panther River, the city mod
Bartholm, and one village mod from Arthmoor named Molapi. The latter was virtually impossible
to patch given severe land space limitations. The outposts have been relocated and given a new
look. They are now merged into a single mod file, internal glitches ironed out, new resources
added. The new locations are a little more strategic placing the outposts on the far
southeastern and southwestern banks of the Niben River below Leyawiin. This location helps to
guard entry to Cyodiil's southern borders. And ties in nicely with the lighthouse placed in the
bay by Better Cities. NPCs patrol their respective outpost areas and work the fields. Features
custom armor, crops, and some services for travellers.

Clearwater Farms

One of my own creations...very first in fact...that has been overhauled and given a new lease on life.
Located on the main road due east of Chorrol. This was my "on the job training" introduction to the CS.
Believe me when I say it didn't look anywhere near as good then as it does now. It had been gathering dust on my
pc for a very long time until I decided to move forward with this project. Nothing over the top here,
just a simple collection of farmsteads beside a clear woodland pond. You will find various crops,
a small ironwood nut orchard, some livestock, and fish in the nearby pond. There is a vendor stand
where the farmers sell the goods to passerby and a free bedroll in the goat pen.

Silverfish Falls

The fifth and final settlement from Poolacemail. Formerly Lakeview Village. This one used the same
real estate as Shezrie's Lakewood Village and conflicted with UL Aspen Wood. Relocated to the
waterfall pond at the head of Silverfish River valley. Does share space with UL Silverfish River,
conflicts are limited to placed objects such as trees and large rocks, and resolved with a very
small patch file. Features custom Cheydinal and farmhouse architecture, crops, livestock, and fish
in the pond. Services include a blacksmith with custom gear for sale, and an Inn.

Regional Farms and Inns

Another of my own creations. Similar to my Improved Waterfront Ships mod, the goal of this mod
was to overhaul the existing farmhouses and Inns in the game. Giving each settlement a retexture
using regional vanilla materials, for the most part at least. I did have to customize some textures.
Only the buildings themselves are being overhauled to avoid conflicts since many modders have
taken aim at vanilla settlements.

White Rose Farm

Formerly White Rose River Farm by Poolacemail. A farming settlement which suffered badly
from conflicts with several larger, more popular mods (The Lost Spires, Shezries Towns,
MTC Expanded Villages). Due to the scope of the conflicts, a patch for any one of these
would have required relocation anyway. Village has been relocated to north bank of the
White Rose River eliminating all conflicts.

Wickmere Farm

Also originally by Poolacemail. Also suffered from conflicts with other village mods.
A mid sized farming community located on the southeast corner of Lake Rumare. Has been
moved just enough to eliminate conflicts, and will have some additional changes to help
it blend in to the surroundings a little better.


Sita has provided translations for all of the released mods on the French mod site Confrerie Des which can be found here:

Resource Pack
Oranstad Township
Legion Outposts
Clearwater Farms
Silverfish Falls
Regional Farms and Inns
White Rose Farm
Wickmere Farm

Planned Releases (In order of approximate completeness)

Villages II 

An unfinished setlement pack created by Martin B. Was intended to be the twin for the popular
"Villages" mod but ended up being abandoned. Features two fully functional villages and a destroyed
one. First village is located on the road to Cheydinhal, second at the headwaters of Panther River,
and destroyed one is somewhere in Bruma mountains. Features custom architecture in both working
villages, custom creatures, crops, services for travelers, and some quests if I can get them
deciphered. Will most likely re-name this to something else...toying with the idea of possibly
making individual settlements out of them and renaming.

Still to do: Some interiors, some NPCs and AI, path grids, shop signs, sorting out incomplete quests.

Fisherman's Point

Formerly Fisherman's Rock Beta by Clintmich. Located just south and east of Imperial City. Name was
changed because it was too similar to the vanilla quest location near Leyawiin. The premise behind
this was to create a village settlement using Chorrol style architecture with an open air market.
Unfortunately never got past initial design stage, was abandoned by author and never completed.

Still to do: Architecture, Landscaping, path grids are done. NPC's are created. Plenty to do still.


Builds a settlement around the vanilla location associated with the "Cure for Vampirism" quest. No
longer just a lone house in the middle of nowhere without even a trail to lead the way. Drakelowe
is now a fullscale village with several farms, crops, livestock, docks, fish and a number of NPCs.
Does not touch the vanilla quest in any way to ensure functionaity and compatibility. Includes a
merged in version of the "Drakelowe Witch" mod by Reaper 9111. I loved his work on the Witch house
and it looks fantastic as an addition to this settlement.

Still to do: NPC creation and ai packages mostly. Everything else is 85% or more complete.

Kvatch Lowlands

Nothing concrete on this yet. My thoughts are to develop some of the barren land area to
the north, east, possibly west of Kvatch Mesa. Farming settlements obviously, with a look
that ties in with both vanilla Kvatch and Kvatch Rebuilt if you have that installed. I have
developed a number of new, revamped textures based off of the destroyed versions found
in vanilla game folders. These include the wood shingle roof, wood plank wall siding, plaster
wall, wood post, and a few others. Right now I have put together all of the architecture that
is to be used for this purpose. It is included in the as yet unreleased resource pack update. Will
post more on this as the plan becomes more clear.

As you may have noticed Gold Coast Farmlands and Niben Barnyards have been removed
from Settlements of Cyrodiil project list. Development has not stopped on these two.
Quite the opposite in fact. I have been given a green light to develop and publish those
two titles under the Unique Landscapes banner. So I thought it best to separate them out.
Also the associated resources will be culled out of the resource pack with the next update.
Look for news about these two at the Unique Landscapes thread on Bethesda Forums. 

Manual Install

1. Extract the files to a temporary location such as desktop
2. copy the folders titled meshes, sounds, textures, trees, and the ESM into your Oblivion Data directory
3. Open your Oblivion Launcher and put a check in the box beside SettlementsOfCyrodiil.esm
4. Just a side note that I really don't suggest installing with this method. It is a very lengthy process
    to manually un-install all of these files.

OBMM Install

1. Launch OBMM and click "create"
2. Click "Add Archive"
3. Select "Settlements of Cyrodiil.7z" and click "open"
4. Wait while it all loads, it may take a few moments
5. When asked to import conversion data click "yes"
6. Click "create omod"
7. It will take a few moments to finish compressing, once it says "omod created successfully",
    click "ok". Then click on "Settlements of Cyrodiil Resource Pack" in OBMM and activate.


wife & kids- without their endless nagging this never would have gotten off the ground at all...
LHammonds - the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Poolacemail- for permission to revamp his mods listed above
Clintmich - for permission to use the Fishermans Rock Beta mod
spectic - for the permission to use the previously unfinished Town of Oranstad mod
MartinB - for the blanket permission to use previously unfinished Villages II mod
Andoran Team - for permission to use a few Cyrodiil Rebuild resources
Alanonim- for the Orange Tree resource which I used as a starting point for Lemon and Lime trees
AlbiTheReal- Tree stumps resource
b3w4r3 - White Deer resource
beeratwork - for the Farmers Life compilation....used as a starting point for many things
DagothBalls - for the Ethereal Armor Imperial Legion Edition which was ever so slightly tweaked
Demoncleaner - cooked meat textures
Disturbed742 - new trees resource pack which I used in creating Apple and Pear fruit trees
dittomagnet- new plants and veggies....most of which I re-worked to fix problems, but I would have been
clueless how to make them from scratch, so even with the flaws they are a great resource
EbeneezerSquid- Vendor tables resource...which gave me a starting point for my own filled tables
Edocsil - Oblivion Outhouse Resource which again gave me a starting point for retexured versions
Garak- for the booksets resource
Gildur - Atmospheric Clutter pack
Jured- for the "Farm Objects" resources which are part of Crimson Covenant Resource Pack. And special
thanks to Bess for locating the source for me so I could give proper credits.
kaizit - Ducks resource and Imperial Outhouses for farms resource...which I used for some retextures
Khettiena - Morning Glory textures which I borrowed from City Morning Glory
Koniption - mango and peach models..possibly others from 2nd hand sources that didn't list credits
Malachit- for permission to use barn meshes and a few misc items from xulRollingHills
Martin - for the mushrooms and fox pelts found in Villages II folders......
Meo - Props and settlement resources, modular fireplaces, a few bits of architecture
Mindfeeder - Bruma house retexture
Momo - cart, farm, and fisher resources
Mr Siika- Farm animals, foxes, rabbits, market, and highrock resources....possibly a few misc pieces
myself - for a bucket load of retextures, re-assembled bits and pieces, and time....lots of time
Nernie - for permission to use MTC resources, while I only used a few items, MTC's creative
use of vanilla items provided a LOT of the inspiration behind my own custom meshes
Nifskope Team - for the best modding tool ever...simply amazing what this tool and some imagination can do
Oblivimonk - nordish architecture and town inn resource packs
Pendraia- Fruit and vegetable sack resources....which also gave me ideas for some of my own stuff
Phaedra13 - More bodily functions resource
Phitt- Nightmare Troll resource
Qarl - fruit tree mesh...which I have as yet not found a use for...but I will
Razorwing - book resource
Sjors Boomschors - Farm House Extension resource
Stroti - Bug Jar, Market, Misc, rustic pieces, scarecrow, outdoor toilet, terrarium, and washing resources
Tchos- cooked meat meshes and textures
Texian - Animated and static water resources
TheMagician- Chicken coop and shed
Valkyrie- for the flower and plant resource pack
Washington - fence, haystack, and old bridge resources
XPerience101 - for the Highleaf Estate resources

If I have missed anyone it was not intentional. I made every effort to keep notes on where things were borrowed from.....but let's just say I wouldn't be a good secretary. Also some of the unfinished mods I'm including here didn't have resource credits in the read-me. If you recognize something that I haven't credited here, let me know and it will be corrected. If there is something used without permissions, again it was not intentional and I will remove anything that an author does not wish for me to use. I have tried to research every piece used in this package and give credits to the best of my knowledge.

Legal Stuff

Most of the non-vanilla materials contained in this package are "free to use" modder resources,
which you can borrow and use as you see fit. Just give credit where due.

Some assets are custom created or tweaked by myself. These include meshes and textures in folders titled "custom", "architecture/Lower Class", "architecture/Regional Farms and Inns", some "food", "trees" and.......heck I don't even remember what else. I've tweaked a lot of this stuff to my own taste. I am happy to share but you must contact me before using any of these items. It's just that I would like to actually
have them in my projects first....since I took the time to make them...seems only fair.

Some other assets, such as those from UL Rolling Hills, or MTC Expanded Villages, were used specifically
with permissions, you will need to contact the author(s) before using any of these as I cannot "pass on"
permissions to anyone. If you aren't sure where a particular item comes from, send me a message. I will
do my best to tell you where the item(s) originate from and who to contact for permission.