Miko outfit for HGEC and RobertMaleBodyReplacer by Hidemaro
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Miko outfits for HGEC
(ver 2.3)

for Oblivion

by Hidemaro. (2014.5/20)

○ change log

  2012/12/15 Release Ver:alpha 0.1
  2012/12/19 Release Ver:alpha 0.2 Mesh littlechenged.Texture size up to 2048x2048
  2012/12/23 Release Ver:Beta 0.3 Mesh littlechenged.Delete miscitem.
2013/04/27 Release Ver:1.0 Full chenged.
2013/12/11 Release Ver:2.0 Add Male meshs.Add 3 colors.
2013/12/13 Release Ver:2.0a Bugfix
2013/12/30 Release Ver:2.1 Add Chihaya .Change MikoUpWare
2014/01/09 Release Ver:2.2 Add Chihaya AllColors.Fix Chihaya wait.
2014/05/20 Release Ver:2.3 Add malemesh of Getas and Warazouris.

○ Outline

This is what I made inspired by the "Wagaya no O'Inarisama" of anime.
This costume is a shaman priestess Kou are wearing.

It is sold in TheCopiousCoinpurse of ICMarketDistrict.

I added a footwear and comon Miko costumes Become a Ver1.0.
Costume farewell up and down, I also added color variations.
It was also available for men Become a Ver2.0.
It's used was "Room207 A4 Male Body Replacer V52".
The wrist is not fit. I will fix them.
Is compatible with "The Hakama" is a Mod of my another.
Compatibility has been removed from the previous Ver0.3 by this change.
However, coexistence is possible because you have changed the filenames.
I added Chihaya in Ver2.2.

○ Outfits

"Kou's Miko Outfits" 8 colors each.
"Comon Miko Outfits" 8 colors each.
"Chihaya Outfits" 8 colors each.
"Geta" 4 colors each.
"Wara Zouri" 2 colors each.

○ Requirements

Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy Body (HGEC)

○ Attention

Please make a backup of the save data prior to installation.
I work only in one's environment and do not inspect it.
If you have any problems, please write in TheNexusForums.

○ Installation

Please copy into DATA folder in the Oblivion folder which installed Oblivion.

:C:Program FilesBethesda SoftwareOblivionData》

○ Description

It was recreated by feeding back the data of "The Hakama" was Up to Ver1.0.
Is more compatible with that for "The Hakama", but compatibility is no longer than previous versions.
I added a WaraZouri and Geta footwear in this version.
You can align a set in this Mod alone for that.
Great sound to walk in Geta, I chose to HeavyArmor categories.
I have to change TheCopiousCoinpurse are dealing with the Armor department for that. Attention please.
Among the added color, Azuki and Hi is the color of the costume of Miko's real.
I have the image of a costume wearing a "Tama" come out to "Wagaya no O'Inarisama" blue.
In addition, data files one is increased, we have to choose to be in a separate file and Ecup Ccup.
Coexistence is possible file name because of the different.
About BBB, it was considered as the option.

I have devised a BoneWait under sleeve because I wanted to express the kimono sleeves.
The sleeves pose but it looks strange Therefore, please do not worry too much.

I added Chihaya in Ver2.2.

○ Special thanks

Mr. Hepsy
Miss. Mayumi

And received a valuable advice for creating, we have a very grateful.

○ Permission note

I have the license of this Data.
Basically prohibited for purposes other than personal use, distribute Data for this I made.
If usage commercial purpose or non malicious, I may be free to change and redistribute it however.
Please specify to the credit of that case.