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Added: 29/11/2012 - 12:30PM
Updated: 08/06/2016 - 09:25AM

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Last updated at 9:25, 8 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 12:30, 29 Nov 2012


2012/11/29 Release Ver:alpha 0.1
2012/12/06 Release Ver:alpha 0.2 :Add Black and Albino race.Tailmesh litle changed.
2012/12/06 Release Ver:alpha 0.2a :InariA and InariB facetextures litle changed.
2013/01/07 Release Ver:alpha 0.3:Facetextures remaked.
2013/03/17 Release Ver 0.4 :Add Copper race.Albino color changed.FaceTexture little changed.Add some magics.Add NightEye.
2013/03/20 Releace Ver 0.4b: Bug fix.
2013/06/02 Release Ver 0.5 :Facetextures little changed. Add the morph of ear by the expression.
2013/06/20 Release Ver:0.5a:Ear morph changed.
2014/04/30 Release Ver 1.0 :Add TryWhat's MetronEye.Change face mesh and textures.Change yars.Change magics.

* Description

Sorry I cant English well. And this is my first mod.
This is mod which adds a new race 'Inari' with a big ear and the tail of a fox.

The feature has big magic and intellect, and magic tolerance in the small body.
Especially Ilussion is its favorite and it can use Ilussion of Apprentice from the start according to character making.
Furthermore, since Agility is high, immediately after training, it gets used to a thief and bowusage.
On the contrary, power and durability are so low that they are dangerous, and since there is a penalty also in arms tolerance, it will not be fit for a battle and will die immediately.
Techniques and wisdom like the fox will be needed to survive.

* BaseAttributes

Strength 25
Intelligence 50
Willpower 45
Agility 50
Speed 35
Endurance 25
Luck 55
Personality 35

* Skill Bonus

Acrobatics 10
Conjuration 10
Illusion 15
Sneak 10

* Special Ability

FortfyMagicka +100
ResistMagic 30%
WeaknessNormalWepon 10%

* Special Power

InariCharm CommandHumanoid touch Area 40 Duration120 Magnitude 30
InariFear Demoralize Touch Area 100 Duration120 Magnitude 30
InariPanic Frenzy Target Area 60 Duration120 Magnitude 30

* Installation

You must have 2ch-Edition Beautiful People in this Mod.
Is required Modular Beautiful People 2ch Edition Plus Plus in order to use all of the data further.
Please install before either.

1.Unzip the file you download
2.Copy thawed InariRace.esp into DATA folder in the Oblivion folder which installed Oblivion.
Example?C:Program FilesBethesda SoftwareOblivionData?
3.Start OBMM and Checked to InariRace .

* Credit and SpecialThanks

This mod is based on Beautiful People 2ch-Edition.
The work of many of the authors who contacted when I made this mod is used.

Jclyde6108 Throttlekitty

Even though the first time, I'm very grateful readiness gotten very kindly.

Furthermore, I content myself with goodwill that I may use it by credit specification.


I am very grateful to the generous, full of such kindness.

* Requirements

Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition v1.3a?or higher

It is the comprehensive race mod.
This mod is based on Beautiful People 2ch-Edition, please be sure to put in.

* Recommendation

Modular Beautiful People 2ch Edition Plus Plus

It is the comprehensive race mod which succeeded BP2ch.

HG EyeCandy Body

It is the body change mod.

* Permission note

Since mesh and Texture of an ear and a tail are what I made, it can redistribute, but I have the license of this Data.

Please give me credit specification about use.

* GreatThanks

Bethesda Softworks