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Madhatter16 - Jonas Schmidt

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Explore the secrets of the Shadowrose Manor, and reveal ancient, long forgotten mysteries!

Permissions and credits
This mod is about the "Shadowrose Manor", which adds a small island, several caves and a ruin to the main game. However, what you do with that what's given; That's on you! You might occupy the manor itself, or follow the free Quest-Line, to learn about the story of the house. You could scour caves or leave the island immediately.

Where do I start my adventure?

To start your journey, you should take a closer look to the abandoned dock in front of Fort Variela. A mysterious letter, and something that comes with it, are waiting to be found by you!


I HIGHLY recommend you to read the ReadMe!

Very important: The Voice-Acting is still in german! I added another note (you'll see which one I mean when you're in the game). You can read what was said in the monologue there. I know this isn't the most glamorous option, but because of the lack of time it was the only possibility I had. I hope you still enjoy it!

ALSO: This mod CONFLICTS with Vergayun by Arthmoor.

Shivering Isles is needed to play this Mod!

P.S.: If you should ever encouter a monster - I suggest you to run!

MadHatter16 – Exteriordesign, Interiordesign, Story
DarkRuler – Scripts, Modcleaning
Stroti – Models (Many Ressources)
Momo – (Exclusive) Models
Gildur – Models
Lazarus – Models
Garak – Models
Meo – Models
MA-Simon – Music
Samuel Ulbricht – Voice Actor