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Player Home Ship with a crew and full game features (merchants, altars, storage, furniture, travel options, a barter, a jail and also a creature spawn point).

Permissions and credits
Short explanation:
Player’s Home-ship with a crew and full game features (merchants, altars, storage, furniture, travel options, a barter, a jail and also a creature spawn point).

Long explanation:
The model is based on the Marie Elena pirate vessel. I was inspired by all ship mods in this site, I’ve tested all of them and finally I decided to make my own ship to my personal usage. It is a single ESP file because I tried to maintain this mod as simple as possible; also I only work with basic Oblivion’s tuff so it can be played without any DLC or expansion.
I tried to express the claustrophobic immersion that I experienced in a real ship. I should be added a quest to ‘gain’ the ship, but I preferred to focus on graphic details, immersion, NPCs and scripting functionality, so I’ve decided to let the quest for now.

Install / Uninstall
Install: drop the ESP file to the data folder. Open Oblivion launcher, select ‘Data Files’ and enable the ‘HomeShipTWW’ mod.

Uninstall: do the same in the opposite way (deactivate the mod first, and remove the ESP file from the data folder)

The boat to take on board is down the southern shores of Blakwood (see picture).

To change between the tree possible locations, in the Cabin there are tree scrolls to travel (see picture).

Don’t forget to take the key at the lower deck near de ladder (see picture), to gain access to some places and which adds the imprison ability.

This mod has all the player needs.

1) Is a safe home.
-All containers are safe non-respawn.
-There is an unowned bed.
-The interiors are isolated from the world, with racks and furniture to hold objects.

2) There are NPCs.
-The blacksmith repairs the equipment and sells normal armors. Also he teaches Armorer.
-The mage enchants magic items and sells soulstones and spells. Also she teaches Illusion.
-The fence trades with stolen stuff. Also he teaches Sneak.
-The hunter sells all normal weapons. Also he teaches Acrobatics.
-The innkeeper sells food. Also she teaches Speechcraft.
-The prisoner can teach Security. *I designed her to be the final boss of the quest to gain the ship. She was the captain but she was cursed, killing a half of her crew. The survivors had to imprison her in order to find a cure, or forever, I don’t know. She is the only non respawning NPC so if she bothers you, you can kill her, anyway she deserves it.

3) There are altars for spell and enchantment in the mage’s room.

4) There are all basic Oblivion books in the library (not magic scrolls or teaching tomes).

5) In the captain’s cabin there are tree navigation charts that allow the player to travel by ‘teleporting’ the ship in one of these tree locations:
-Anvil (the ship will appears at the Anvil Bay dock)
-Imperial City (the ship will appears at the Waterfront dock)
-South of Leyawiin (the ship will appears on high seas and a ‘teleport’ boat appears on the coast)

6) There are racks for weapons and all kind of targets and dummies to practice at the lower deck.

7) There is a jail at the lower deck, and a Key (see picture) that immediately gives a spell to imprison any NPC. But it only works if you defeat that NPC (letting it with only 10% of its life). With the same spell you can release the NPC.

8) You must be careful when you visit the deeper lower deck because there is a 50% chance to being invaded by plagues (don’t be afraid, they are just port rats). If the plague appears, you kill them and their corpses remains tree game days.

This is a Home mod where you can store your game stuff, I only added non-magic, non-quest and non-scripted items.; I made it using basic Oblivion features and the official editor, but just in case I must warn: use it only under your own responsibility.

Cells modified
Anvil Bay dock ( -48, -9 )
Waterfront dock ( 5, 11 )
Black Wood coast ( 33, -44 )
Topal Bay sea (33, -45 )

There only might be conflicts with mods that use the same cells. Any feedback is welcome.

I was inspired by other ships mods, this one was made to my personal usage but I wanted to encourage the community to make more ship’s mods, so anyone can use this mod freely.

I’ve been modding since Baldur's Gate, Diablo II, Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest, Sacred, Warcraft, Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind, Dragon Age and others, always for personal use only. This is the first mod that I started from scratch and it feels good to finally have something to share. I get inspired by the Firefly series like others (that is the main reason to add a crew). This mod was made for my personal use, however I decided to finish and present it properly to the community.

Thanks to Bethesda for release the game with the editor!
Thanks to all tutorials at The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki.
Thanks to all Ship-Home mods that inspired me.
And special thanks to all people who answer my questions at the forums.

Enjoy it! And feedback is always welcome.