About this mod

This is an overhaul mod, improving many aspects of the game, while maintaining the overall feel of the game and ensuring compatibility with most other mods. All features are configurable through OMOD installation and/or editing the ini file.

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Name: Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
Date: 27/8/2019
Language: English
Category: Overhaul
Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)
Recommended: DarNified UI, Oblivion Stutter Remover, Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
Author: Maskar
Source: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42780


This is an overhaul mod, improving many aspects of the game, while maintaining the overall feel of the game and ensuring compatibility with most other mods. All features are configurable through OMOD installation and/or editing the ini file.

Features added by this mod are:

  • Unpredictable encounters;
  • Loot and equipment improvements;
  • New and better looking creatures;
  • Fully configurable level scaling;
  • New warring factions;
  • Improved combat AI;
  • Notice Boards and dynamic quests;
  • Treasure hunting;
  • Skill based equipment system;
  • Resource gathering and crafting;
  • Animal taming;
  • Traps and the ability to disarm them;
  • Bashing locks abililty;
  • Feign death ability;
  • Spellbooks;
  • Darker dungeons and nights;
  • Npcs in dungeons and outdoors having torches;
  • ..and much more.

This mod comes in 3 difficulty levels (normal, advanced and expert). Casual and new players should select the normal difficulty level. Adjust the in-game difficulty slider to tweak this further. Please read the included pdf readme for more details.

Compatibility and requirements

No files will be replaced by installing this addon. It will however need OBSE (version 21 or higher) to function properly. No other third-party mods are required to be installed to run this mod.

This mod does not alter any game data (leveled lists, creatures, etc.) directly, but only makes changes through OBSE scripts. Because of this it should be fully compatible with most mods. Load order is not important.

Note that cows added by this mod can be milked when Basic Primary Needs (version 6.2 or higher) is installed.

Supreme Magicka users should check chapter 20.4 of the pdf readme for compatibility instructions.


  • Extract the files to a temporary location
  • Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file
  • Optionally edit the .ini file to customize it to your preferences

Note: If this mod is installed with Wrye Bash this mod needs to be loaded AFTER the bashed patch!


  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file
  • Delete the Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul files in the Data folder


Version (27/8/2019)
  • Updated actor healing code
  • Fixed minor spelling issue related to Marksmanship requirement
  • Renamed "Sharp Weapons" requirement to "Bladed Weapons" for improved readability
  • Removed fix for test of resolve in the dreamworld as it's no longer necessary
  • Fixed issue which could cause crashes when reloading when using Better Cities (possibly other mods)

Version 4.9.4 (26/8/2019)
  • Replaced placeholder enemies in dungeon extensions with more fitting enemies
  • Updated traps in containers to be based on amount and value of items they protect
  • Updated all conjurers and necromancers equipment (so it can be modified using ini files)
  • Added ability to clear lists in dynamic lists ini file to replace contents completely
  • Replaced goblin equipment with items from WAC goblins (requires WAC to be loaded)
  • Added ability to configure quality of equipment of faction npcs
  • Lowered quality of equipment on various npcs (bandits, etc.)
  • Lowered difficulty of adult mud crabs (excluding other types)
  • Added ability to configure enemy group sizes based on the distance to a city
  • Updated Mimic collision
  • Rotated placement of container in hidden alcoves in Outposts
  • Updated actor healing to improve compatibility and avoid crashes
  • Updated ability to shear sheep (more accurate)
  • Updated whistle ability to only pull followers when no more than 75 meters away
  • Updated whistle ability to pull enemies at 20% chance when no more than 75 meters away
  • Updated code to avoid AddActorValues spamming the console
  • Updated chance of dungeon extensions to be a boss room 65% of the time
  • Updated chance of a missing pet in a normal dungeon extension to 65%
  • Removed healing ability from Water Dragons
  • Forced faction relation between dremora and conjurers to 100 to avoid dremora and daedra fighting each other
  • Improved combat with pets
  • Fixed issue causing vultures to not spawn properly
  • Fixed issue where name of companion is not correctly displayed when told to leave party
  • Fixed issue related to Haskill being incorrectly moved to entrance
  • Fixed issue where ini setting related to vampires taking damage from silver damage was wrongfully removed
  • Fixed issue where ini setting to disable sleeping to level did not actually do anything
  • Fixed issue where mods using the soul trap event handler could cause crashes
  • Fixed 2 issues related to Kvatch
  • Fixed texture on 1 of the Deadric Lord weapons
  • Added support for Loot Menu (v2.0+)
  • Added ability to gain xp in Ultimate Leveling when doing various tasks (taming, etc.)
  • Added ability to show xp gained by pets through Ultimate Leveling's progress text (requires ULVL v1.8+)
  • Added Ultimate Leveling to compatibility ini file
  • Updated compatibility settings for Deadly Reflex and Unnecessary Violence 3
  • Added Rathunas to compatibility ini file

Version 4.9.3 (19/10/2018)
  • Fixed issue where regional factions increased faster in size than intended
  • Added option to display regional faction strength through faction ratings scroll (on by default)
  • Disabled the ability to join the Imperial Legion when in an evil faction
  • Added ability to gain/lose rating with Imperial Legion based on bounty and closing Oblivion gates
  • Added ability for companions with armorer skill to repair equipment of other companions and player character
  • Added ability for companions to share loot before leaving a party
  • Added ability to configure the amount of items companions will loot (lockpicks, etc.) based on their skills
  • Added option to display a message of any items looted by companions (on by default)
  • Added ability to add equipment of other mods to adventurers/wanted npcs through dynamic lists ini file
  • Added WAC equipment (mostly armor) to adventurers/wanted npcs
  • Disabled ability for companions to loot owned items
  • Fixed issue related to repairing equipment of companions
  • Fixed issue where companions could be shooting invisible arrows
  • Fixed issue where companions could be selling incorrect items
  • Updated combat styles for dynamically generated npcs (new npcs only)
  • Fixed issue where changing load order could stop events from spawning in mod added worldspaces
  • Disabled ability to call pets in pet carriers by whistling
  • Updated Vanishing Cabinets for improved compatibility
  • Updated price and weight of bandages
  • Increased chance of bandages spawning when crafting is disabled
  • Updated Imbuement Tool and gold reward ini setting
  • Updated mythical creature spawns for improved compatibility
  • Removed Land Dreugh setting (no longer necessary)
  • Added ability to adjust brightness of lanterns (both types)
  • Updated icon for Plaugebringer Hood
  • Updated looks of Hood of the Lich
  • Added ability to configure quality of loot based on distance to nearby cities
  • Added SM Regional Bounty to compatibility ini file
  • Added Crime Handler with Regional and Provincial Bounty to compatibility ini file

Version 4.9.2 (11/6/2018)
  • Added ability to smelt items using a forge and blacksmith hammer
  • Added ability to craft a rustic cabin using a workbench
  • Added ability to craft rustic furniture using a workbench
  • Added ability to craft a plate with candles, candelabra and a lamppost using tinker's tools
  • Added ability to craft Novice Mortar & Pestle using tinker's tools
  • Added ability to craft a sack (container) using sewing kit
  • Added craft deed ini file
  • Added ability to grind bones with a grain grinder
  • Added option to disable the placement check of crafted items, so they can be placed anywhere
  • Updated how crafting resources are added through ini file
  • Added support for craft tools added by other mods that can't be converted to usable tools
  • Added eggs to merchants
  • Updated weight of wool and some recipes needing cloth
  • Updated workbench to be used both in and outdoors
  • Renamed bone clutter when crafting is enabled
  • Added ability to configure the time vampires don't regenerate health when hit by a silver weapon
  • Increased the time vampires don't regenerate health when hit by a silver weapon
  • Updated light spell to lower health regeneration based on ligh magnitude (100 magniture for 100%)
  • Added ability to vampire mages to dispel the light spell of themselves and any other nearby vampires
  • Added enhanced bandages to cure diseases and repair damaged attributes
  • Added ability to enhance bandages by praying at the altar of the nine
  • Lowered time required to use (enhanced) bandages on npcs and creatures
  • updated how equipment is selected for (named) bosses
  • Updated chitin ammo for Morrowind faction
  • Updated ancient nord bastard sword name
  • Removed light armor shields from heavy armor item lists
  • Updated equipment of Hammerfell Sword-Singer
  • Updated slaver faction and arena factions to be considered evil
  • Added ability to increase disposition of pets through feeding
  • Added warning message to pets when affected by any damaging effects (use enhanced bandage to fix)
  • Added ability to purchase pet carriers
  • Lowered strength of Pheasants slightly
  • Updated how companions are removed from the player character's party when dead
  • Added dynamic list ini file to add any items/actors to any lists from any mods
  • Added WAC weapons to MOO regional faction npcs when WAC is loaded
  • Added ability to override minotaurs added by other mods through ini setting
  • Increased the chance of MOO creatures spawning when another (overhaul) mod is detected
  • Added ability to configure the level of black bow bandits and poachers
  • Added ini file to directly edit actor levels (which could also affect actors added by other mods)
  • Added ability to configure how spells and arrows alert nearby targets
  • Added support for healing actors which are affected by health lowering script effects
  • Added option to configure chance actors call for healing when in combat
  • Increased ability of npcs and creatures to call for healing
  • Updated house treasures
  • Updated teddybear backbacks to function as real backpacks
  • Updated harpy nest placement
  • Updated how events are added to worldspaces added by other mods
  • Disabled MOO mudcrabs for water events when MOO mud crabs are disabled in ini file
  • Added support for mods which incorrectly scale creatures
  • Updated compatibility ini file to disable land dreugh when OOO detected
  • Improved Oblivion XP support
  • Updated compatibility ini file
  • Lowered aggression of Morag Tong attacks based on MOO difficulty

Version 4.9.1 (5/1/2018)
  • Fixed issue where more dungeon extensions are placed than intended
  • Fixed issue where events are placed in wrong worldspaces like Oblivion planes
  • Added support for shallow and deep water creatures added by other mods through spawns ini file
  • Removed size check to determine if a tamed pet can use doors
  • Added option to allow pets that can be ridden to use doors
  • Added help messages for not using pet carriers correctly
  • Optimized how notice boards are updated
  • Added support for mods that wrongfully change GameDay to an incorrect value
  • Updated how outposts are generated

Version 4.9 (28/12/2017)
  • Added dynamically generated events inside and outside the border and in water
  • Added campsites, outposts, actors, harpy nests, houses and flora outside the border
  • Added outposts, harpy nests, actors and flora inside the border
  • Added creatures, treasure chests and shipwrecks in water
  • Added dynamically generated dungeon extensions to caves and mines
  • Added custom tileset to outposts and have them be fully dynamically generated
  • Added pheasants (male and female)
  • Added harpies (various types)
  • Added mushroom creatures near giant mushrooms mostly in/near Valenwood
  • Lowered aggression of birds near cities, villages, etc.
  • Added ability to configure dragon spawn chance
  • Added spawns ini file to add creatures from other mods
  • Added direct support for WAC creatures by being dynamically placed inside and outside the border
  • Replaced gargoyles with harpies in mythical creature lists
  • Increased chance of gargoyles in vampire dungeons
  • Increased gargoyle strength
  • Added scorpions near Hammerfell
  • Added heroes to adventurer spawns
  • Added ability to pause Morag Tong assassin attacks by killing their grandmaster
  • Updated Morag Tong attacks
  • Updated health of vampires and Ancient Vampires
  • Added Poachers
  • Updated Morag Tong factions (9 ranks)
  • Added ability to join Morag Tong and gain rank by completing writs of execution
  • Added direct support for MMM npcs in dynamic campsites
  • Added ability to mine stone by hitting any rock with a pickaxe
  • Split craftbook into 6 seperate books
  • Added ability to craft craftbooks using a quill, parchements and an inkwell
  • Added parchements to random (no value) loot
  • Added ability to craft parchments by using tanning rack and hides
  • Added ability to craft houses and the ability to buy house deeds from merchants
  • Added ability to craft 6 well types, huge barrel, keg and altar of spellmaking
  • Added ability to craft pet carriers
  • Added stone, clay, sand, ash, fat, wax craft resources
  • Added black, green and red lichen craft resources
  • Added black, blue, green, red and white scales craft resources
  • Added bone resources
  • Renamed bones when crafting enabled
  • Added book writing kits to various merchants
  • Added imbuement tools and ability to craft them with Tinkers Tools
  • Added ability to imbue quest reward items
  • Added gargoyle's pickaxes to mine gems and regional ore when mining normal iron ore veins
  • Added various mining ini settings
  • Updated adventurers to have variable confidence and responsibility
  • Updated adventurers to be more likely to join a party when having low confidence
  • Added ability for companions to gain confidence when gaining level
  • Added "At ease" and "Pay attention" commands to companions to toggle new companion AI
  • Added new abilities to companions based on skills (repair, recharge, make potions, etc.)
  • Added ability for companions to buy/sell unwanted items, pay merchant for repair, new spells, etc.
  • Added ability for companions to find wanted items (looting containers, dead bodies, etc.)
  • Added ability for companions to pay their bounty if they have sufficient gold
  • Added sprint ability to companions
  • Added simple basic needs system to companions
  • Added option for companions to not show their equipped items
  • Added individual faction growth multipliers and ability to configure in ini file (Skyrim slower, some others faster)
  • Added regional faction leaders outside the borders
  • Added ability to lower regional faction control by killing faction leaders
  • Added option to configure how pets gaining levels influences their ability to gain additional levels
  • Added ability for player character to pay bounty of pets and companions
  • Added tameables ini file to add custom creatures (including from other mods)
  • Added ability to tame birds, pheasants and scorpions
  • Added how much pets increase stats and attack damage in ini file
  • Added ability to carry small pets (like cats) in pet carriers
  • Added ability to gain speechcraft skill when taming creature
  • Added ability to configure follow distance of pets based on size
  • Added sprint ability to pets
  • Added new weapons and shields
  • Added lanterns
  • Updated dremora equipment to always require 50 skill
  • Disabled quest flag for unicorn horns when MOO spawns additional unicorns
  • Added unique high quality weapons to gold gauntlet rooms and bosses
  • Added ability to configure gold value of backpacks and lowered their value
  • Improved some robes
  • Added ability to find missing pets in dynamically generated dungeon extensions
  • Added missing pet notices and ability to gain rating when returning pets
  • Added harpy invasions and notices on notice boards
  • Fixed issue where returning dynamic quest item is 25 times higher than intended
  • Disabled mythic dawn wanted npcs until oblivion crysis officially starts
  • Added map marker when reading warning notice in Bravil
  • Disabled dynamic backpacks
  • Override outdoor weather lighting setting
  • Added easy and nightmare difficulty modes (WIP)
  • Improved Shivering Isles compatibility
  • Added Oblivion XP support for taming, crafting, disarming traps, breaking locks, etc.
  • Added various combat gamesettings
  • Added ini setting to disable friendly hits for guards and npcs with 100 responsibility
  • Updated option to automatically disable features saving into the savegame
  • Improved ability for actors to ambush the player character
  • Added ability for followers to warn the player character when being ambushed
  • Added ability for imperial legion sergeants to track down the player character when having 1000+ bounty
  • Increased strength of imperial legion sergeants
  • Added map markers for treasure maps (when debug mode set to 2)
  • Updated treasure maps for better cities compatibility
  • Added ability to gain security skill when disarming traps
  • Added ability to lower the chance containers contain any traps
  • Fixed issue concerning using telekinesis on trapped containers
  • Improved notice board support for (better) open cities
  • Added cobl eggs support
  • Added/improved support for various mods
  • Changed quest rewards back to be leveled by default (use imbuement tool to upgrade)
  • Added small chance for bandages to appear on npcs with restoration or alchemy skill
  • Updated gargoyle ini setting
  • Added ability to configure hand to hand health and fatigue damage
  • Added ability to configure walking/running speed and jumping height
  • Added option to disable levelscaling for non-MOO npcs
  • Updated named bosses
  • Added option to only have named strong bosses when friendly npcs are strong enough
  • Removed land dreughs from mythical creature lists when OOO detected
  • Added ability for actors to cure airborne diseases