Strangers Refine by Ren and AQUARIA and SJ with various modders
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Strangers Refine
Released Date: 2012.09.05
Author(s): Ren, AQUARIA and SJ with various modders

Fixed female body scales. (1.000:0.900 -> 0.940:0.833, Thanks to great_aga)
Added a hairstyle. (Newsea Christina Female Hairstyle, Thanks to Newsea and Room207)

? Description
This Race MOD is based on Strangers race by Korean modder - Ren.
It has same Head mesh and FaceGen Data with Strangers. Also, includes custom facial textures and some hairs.

This MOD includes two races, 'Strangers Refine(facial texture by SJ)' and 'Strangers Refine Aqua(facial texture by AQUARIA)'.

You may create male character but I didn't consider that. so, maybe it's not good.
(I'm sorry.)

If you feel hard or boring from character making, please use my sample save data.

Actually, I made a single facial texture only. Many parts are made by AQUARIA and various modders.
And some people cheered me on. I appreciate them.

You can use almost data of this mod freely. Just give the credits to authors.
Exceptionally, if you want to redistribute the hairs, you have to permission from original authors.

(I'm very sorry for my horrible english.)

? Requirements
Unofficial Oblivion Patch or Custom Race Fix

HG EyeCandy Body or ZKEC Female Body


? Install Instructions
1. Extract the archives, take the 'Data' folder and place into Oblivion installed folder.
2. Run Oblivion Mod Manager, then place a checkmark beside the 'StrangersRefine.esp'.

? History
1.01, 2012.09.11 - Fixed Body scales, Added a hairstyle - Newsea Christina Female Hairstyle
1.00, 2012.09.05 - Initial release

? Contact


? Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop with NVIDIA Photoshop Plug-ins
Blender (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/12248)
Construction Set Extender (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/36370)
Nif Skope (http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope)

? Credits
Ren - Head mesh, Eyes meshes&textures, Facegen-data from "Ren's Strangers"
AQUARIA and SJ - MOD composition, Face textures, Save data for sample character
chakaru11, HISSSSA, Ozmo, ulys - Face texture resources
tetrodoxin - Adjusted ears mesh from "The Synx"
"An anonymous author" - Clean teeth textures
Throttlekitty, Jclyde6108, scanti and Luchaire - Lashes resources for Ren's head from "Working Eyelashes"
Robert - Male body textures from "Male Oblivion Body Replacer"
Ozmo - Female body textures from "High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC"
Nequam - Character voices from "Ainmhi Race"
Cazy - Cazy Susie Hairstyle
Cazy, Anto, ziitch and FumoFumo - Cazy Hair Pack
Anto and Lucha - Coolsims Hair Pack
samuelgd99 - VPC Hair 01
Newsea - Newsea Christina Female Hairstyle (http://www.newseasims.com)

? Special Thanks to
AQUARIA, Good advices and help.
great_aga and All the NAVER Elderscrolls Cafe Members, Cheer me on.
ZUN and All the touhou music arrange circles, Good music and songs for stress relief.