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Public bathhouse: Thermes de la Tamriel
Author: Anonymous japanese modder
English translation: Legotrash

OBSE v0018 or later and the latest official patch for Oblivion.

Any beauty mods for the enemy NPCs.

This mod adds a public bath with 8-12 random NPCs talking,eating,sleeping etc
(they wont be wearing clothes/armor by default but you can change that later).You will find portals for it outside of each city.
The NPCs are vanilla enemies (they're set to be non-hostile) except the staff and two trouble-making woodElfs called Mr and Miss Stinky (those two,just like other visitors,they'll visit the bath randomly).
You can ask any visitor to leave if you want.Some will do so while other might not be that happy about it.Mr and Miss Stinky will always refuse to leave.

Other features:
A steam room.
When "anemia" is on,combined with the effects of drinking skooma,it drains lots of fatigue.The result is NPCs falling down and the staff running to help them.

A VIP room,you can find the entrance for it in the red room.

Pressure plates under the tables in case you need more food and drinks
(or you can ask more from the staff).

Option to set the bath to private (the switch for it is located in the red room).

Options to set the waterfalls on,off or partially on.You can find the switches on the mermaid statue.(next to those switches there's a third which,when activated,forces one of the woodElves to visit the baths.

You can set clothes in thermae on,off or random by talking to Charlotte.
Above Zedd's bedroll there are several chests with vanilla clothes in them which will be
used if clothes are enabled.You can leave them as they are or put in them clothes of your choice.

When you enter through the bath's doors you'll be stripped of your clothes/armor but you'll have to unequip manually your arrows.

When talking to Charlotte you'll see three options called "Custom setting".Those can be used only by activating the optional .esp "__thermae_LLCustomizer" but I've never tried it out and I don't even know if it needs to be translated or not.It was included in the original mod so I left it as it was.
I haven't translated its readme file so,with a few words,with that .esp you can make lists of NPCs you wish to visit the bath.If I'll see that people are interested and I have the time for it,I'll translate that too.

About the mod's author,he told me he wishes to remain anonymous so his name will not be given unless he changes his mind.

None that i know of.As long as none of your mods change the landscape where the portals are,you should be fine.

The anonymous japanese modder for this lovely mod
"aaby" for the Egg Translator which you can find here: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/30907